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Student Programmes and Initiatives


This page will keep you up to date on Student sustainability programmes, training courses and events.

Sustainability Change Makers Programme

Queen’s Sustainability Change Makers Programme aims to inspire, equip, and support students to bring about positive change for our planet and society.

Key challenges facing our planet, and society, are sustainable in nature. To ensure Queen’s graduates are equipped to be the change makers we need them to be, the Sustainability Change Makers Programme ensures graduates leave Queen’s with the necessary skills and knowledge to address these challenges.


Sustainability Change Makers Programme Highlights

22 and 29 March

The Sustainability Change Makers Programme took place over two Wednesdays in March and saw 20 students undertake tasks to help them think of solutions to sustainability challenges in a different way. Some of the techniques used include Design Thinking, Leadership for Change and Sustainability Storytelling. Well done to all our amazing students who brainstormed, discussed and debated sustainability and came up with some innovative ideas to tackle sustainability issues!

A big thank you to our facilitators Helen Keys (Entrepreneur in Residence, SU Enterprise), Neil Whiteside (The Graduate School) and Dr Jade Berman (National Trust) for helping the students engage with sustainability challenges and get them thinking in new ways, we really appreciate your time and support!

What's Involved

Through the Sustainability Change Makers Programme you will be taken through a design thinking process that will enable you to discover, idealise, prototype and reflect on solutions to key sustainability challenges. This will prepare you to undertake design thinking in your future career, enabling you to address key challenges faced by every sector of our society.

Workshops in communication and leadership will also be undertaken, to ensure you have the confidence you need to enact change.

Programme Details

The Sustainability Change Makers Programme is a structured, in-person programme which takes place over two days, Wednesday 22 and 29 March 2023. A breakdown of the programme can be seen below.


Wednesday 22 March, 10am to 4pm


10am to 1pm 

Design Thinking - Introduction to innovation and design thinking. Focus on the design thinking stage using key sustainability challenges.  

Helen Keys,  

Queen's  Entrepreneur in Resident 

1pm to 1.45pm 



1.45pm - 4pm 

Design Thinking – Continue to focus on design thinking, specifically the idealisation stage.  

Helen Keys,

Queen's  Entrepreneur in Resident


Wednesday 29 March, 10am to 4pm 


10am to 12pm  

Leadership for Change 

Neil Whiteside,

Training and Development Consultant

12pm to 12.45pm 



12.45pm to 3pm 

Communication – How to be a Sustainability Storyteller 


Jade Berman, Coastal Advisor,

National Trust 

3pm to 4pm 

Design Thinking - Reflection 

Helen Keys,

Queen's  Entrepreneur in Resident


We encourage all students who are interested in the programme to also sign up and attend Carbon Literacy Training. Certified Carbon Literacy Training is facilitated by Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful and is designed to offer individuals an awareness of climate change science, and the climate impacts of our everyday actions.

It aims to build confidence, knowledge, skills and motivation to empower individuals to play a crucial role in responding to the climate crisis. Training consists of three, two-hour sessions. Register for Carbon Literacy Training here.

Key Dates

We would recommend you are available, and able to attend, the Sustainability Change Makers all-day workshops on Wednesday 22 and 29 March.

How to Apply

The Sustainability Change Makers Programme is no longer accepting applications.

*Please note* We advise opening a Word document and copying your answers while completing your application, as applications are not guaranteed to save once you leave Microsoft Forms.