Main Site Master Plan and Elmwood Avenue

Front of lanyon building and front lawn in sunshine

Main Site Masterplan and Elmwood Avenue

Updated 15/06/2018.

Lanyon Building Conservation and Restoration Project

  • Window refurbishment and removals in Phases B and C (Lanyon North, South and West).

Possible Impact: There will be some minor noise and disruption.

  • Façade cleaning, stone and brick repairs in Phases B and C (Lanyon North, South and West).

Possible Impact: Washing Phase C façade will continue.

  • Construction traffic.

Possible Impact:  Minor traffic disruption. Construction Site traffic accompanied by Banks Man. Increase in construction traffic to facilitate re-turfing of the lawn.

  • Soils waste stacks being replaced on Phases B and C.

Possible Impact: There may be minor noise and disruption.

  • Contractor will be sealing windows internally to prevent dust ingress in Lanyon North.

Possible Impact: Minor noise and disruption.

  • Roof and Structural Repairs (Phases B and C).

       Possible Impact: None.

  • Scaffold in Phase C will start to be deconstructed and is scheduled to be completed by 18 June 2018.

       Possible Impact: There may be some noise and minor traffic disruption when contractor is off-loading materials and scaffold.


Lanyon North – Internal Alterations and Refurbishment

  • Internal refurbishment works (MRCI) in Lanyon North.

Possible Impact: There will be some minor noise and disruption, furniture deliveries will continue on week commencing Monday 18 June.

  • Construction access will be made via the Quad

Possible Impact: Minor noise and disruption from material deliveries.

  • Access to work area restricted.

Possible Impact: Limited. Escape routes will be maintained but should only be used in the event of an emmergency.


McClay Library Refurbishment Phase 3

  • Contractor's Compound.

Possible Impact: Installing hoarding and altering parking and access arrangements. The attached drawing shows the location of the compound which will affect parking and access routes. 

  • Internal strip out of David Bates Building.

Possible Impact: Limited noise from strip out works in David Bates Building.

  • Intestigation work outside short term loans and in courtyard between David Bates Building and McClay Library.

Possible Impact: Limited noise from investigation and coring work in the ground and external walls.


Elmwood Learning and Teaching Centre

  • Internal refurbishment works to facilitate decant of Students' Union. 

Possible Impact: Minor noise and disruption. 

  • Construction access will be made via Fitzwilliam Street.

Possible Impact: No access to ELTC.

  • Contractor's compound will be erected immediately behind the Student's Union.

Possible Impact: Pedestrian access is available around the perimeter of the compound. The route will, however, be slightly longer.


Student Centre Enabling Alterations and Refurbishment of 92-96 Lisburn Road

  • Construction deliveries to 92-96 Lisburn Road.

Possible Impact: Minor noise from traffic.

  • Internal demolitions and alterations.

Possible Impact: Noise and vibration.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Services Installations - First Fix

Possible Impact: Noise and vibration.

Minor Projects

McClay Library Data Centre UPS Replacement

  • Materials delivery, completion of cable installation to 1st floor data centre and preparatory works for UPS installation within 3rd floor switchroom.

Possible Impact: There may be some minor noise and disruption.


69-71 University Street

  • Flat Roof Replacement.

Possible Impact: There will be some minor noise and disruption.


14 Malone Road

  • Refurbishment of stairwell at 14 Malone Road. Works commence Monday 4 June and will continue for approximately 6 weeks.

Possible Impact: With the exception of contractors, the building will not be accessible for the duration of the works.