Main Site Master Plan and Elmwood Avenue

Front of lanyon building and front lawn in sunshine

Main Site Masterplan and Elmwood Avenue

Updated 19/10/2018.


Lanyon Building Conservation and Restoration Project

  • Brick and stonework repairs and restoration to the west elevation in Phase D (Great Hall and Main Entrance Tower).

Possible Impact: There will be some minor noise and disruption.

  • Window refurbishment and removals in Phase D (Great Hall and Main Entrance Tower).

Possible Impact: There will be some minor noise and disruption.

  • Contractor will be sealing windows internally to prevent dust ingress in Lanyon Building.

Possible Impact: Minor noise and disruption.

  • Phase D (Lanyon West/Main Entrance & Great Hall).

Possible Impact: The Great Hall will not be accessible until March 2019. There will be minor noise and disruption during the Phase D works. The main Contractor will be finalising the erection of scaffold and as a result there will be an increase in construction traffic. Construction plant will be accompanied by a banks-man. The Lanyon main entrance will be largely maintained throughout the works, however, there will be a number of occasions which will necessitate closure. Closures will be notified in advance and diversion signs installed.

  • Phase A (Lanyon South), Phase B (Lanyon South)

Possible Impact: The contractor will be completing snagging works to the brickwork and stonework, there may be minor noise and dust generated by these repairs.


McClay Library Refurbishment Phase 3

  • Contractor's Compound.

Possible Impact: The attached drawing shows the location of the compound which will affect parking and access routes. 

  • Fit out and services installation and concrete cutting in David Bates Building.

Possible Impact: Noise from work in David Bates Building transferring to McClay Library.

  • Construction works in courtyard between David Bates Building and McClay Library. 

Possible Impact: Noise from placing concrete in courtyard.

  • Work in room 01.233 for temporary partition. 

Possible Impact: Limited noise.

  • Construction of foundations adjacent to Short Term Loans. 

Possible Impact: Noise transferring to Short Term Loans. 


Minor Projects


5 University Square

  • Replacement kitchen.

Possible Impact: There will be no access to kitchen or common room.


2-8 Fitzwilliam Street Refurbishment

  • Refurbishment of 2-8 Fitzwilliam Street is underway with completion planned in December 2018.

Possible Impact: External decoration and erection of scaffolding to the façade.