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University Health & Safety Committees


Biological and Infectious Agents Advisory Committee (BIAAC)

BIAAC meets three times a year to discuss and advise on all aspects of biological and infectious agents safety work throughout the university. The committee oversees the work involving genetic manipulation and ensures all such work complies with guidance from the Health and Safety Executive Advisory Committee on Genetic Manipulation. A specialist sub-group of BIAAC review systematically and in detail, every risk assessment involving genetic modification. GMO risk assessments for review by the BIAAC GMO Sub-Group are submitted through the University Biological Safety Officer.

Health and Safety Management Group

The Health and Safety Management Group is responsible for making recommendations, through the University Operating Board, on policy and strategy relating to the management of health and safety, including:-

  • the development of policy and procedures;
  • the structures and systems for the effective management of health and safety;
  • the plans and objectives for continuous improvement;
  • the resources for the achievement of plans and objectives;
  • the monitoring of the implementation of policies and procedures;
  • the development of health and safety training programmes;
  • the review of health and safety performance and making recommendation for improvement to management.

Health and Safety Consultative Committee

This statutory committee provides the opportunity for employees to participate in the development of strategic health and safety policies for the University.  Its purpose is to provide a forum for the formal consultation and communication with employee representatives on health, safety and welfare matters at work.

Local Safety Committees

Heads of School/Directors are responsible for ensuring that, within their School/Directorate, there is an effective health and safety forum for consultation with staff and students regarding health and safety at work.  This may include creating a Safety Committee.