Location of Defibrillators

Locations of Defibrillators (AEDs) across campus.                                                            March2018





Queen’s Sport PEC


Main Reception

Degrees Fitness

Boat house

Upper Malone Reception

Estates Security staff


Security Control Room, Admin Building basement

Mobile (in security van)

McClay Library


Ground Floor Foyer


Main Site Tower


Ground Floor Foyer


Lanyon Building


Toilet area outside Great Hall

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work


69 University Street, Reception Foyer

20 College Green, Reception Foyer

6 College Park, Reception Foyer

Students’ Union


Ground Floor Reception


Medical Biology Centre


Opposite Porters’ Office, Ground Floor Reception

Medical Biology Centre

School of Nursing

Level 2, Reception

Whitla Medical Building

Ground Floor Reception



1st floor Foyer



Ground Floor Reception


Health Sciences Building

Ground Floor Foyer


Mulhouse Building, RVH


1st floor Foyer


Clinical Skills A, RVH


1st floor Foyer


David Keir Building


Stranmillis entrance Foyer (student hub)

Malone Road entrance Foyer (Psychology)


Ashby Building

Level 1 Concourse, Reception Desk


ECIT, Titanic Quarter

Ground Floor Reception


Riddel Hall

Ground Floor Corridor



Research & Enterprise,

63 University Road

1st Floor Landing


Occupational Health,

5 Lennoxvale

Ground Floor Foyer


Elms Village


Elms Reception

Marine Lab, Portaferry


Minaki Building, Room 77 003 0G 006

Elmwood Building, Geography



Computer Science Building,

18 Malone Road

Ground Floor Foyer

Student Guidance Centre

 1st Floor Reception


 General Office