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Facilities for Nursing Mothers
Childcare Services at Queen's now has a Nursing Room for staff and students.

Queen’s staff and students returning from maternity leave who wish to continue breastfeeding their babies can avail of a private room at the Childcare site at 5 Rugby Road to express and store milk in a fridge specifically used for this purpose. The Nursing Room is available Monday toThursday, 9.00am - 5.00pm. For more information, or, to book a slot, please contact Childcare staff on Tel: 028 9032 8407 or email:

Additional Information for Nursing Mothers


Queen’s Childcare Nursing Room Testimonial

"Having the facility to express milk for my baby has made the transition back to work much easier than I had initially anticipated. Queen’s Childcare staff were more than helpful in allowing me to access the room before I returned, which allayed all of my concerns around returning to work as a breastfeeding mother. The room is private, comfortable with a sofa and has a sink and fridge for milk storage, all of the facilities which are essential for expressing.  Having the room available to express in on the main site has ultimately meant that I can continue to breastfeed my son until a time of our choosing rather than being forced to stop early upon my return to work." 

Breastfeeding welcome here:

 Supporting the ‘Breastfeeding Welcome Here’ Scheme means that breastfeeding is welcome in the cafes and student areas on campus that have signed up, which include:

  • Clements MBC
  • Clements PEC
  • Hope Café
  • Junction Cafe
  • Krem @ ECIT
  • Riddel Hall   
  • 5 Rugby Road (Nursing Room, Childcare Services)
  • Students' Union (Elmwood Avenue)    
  • Students' Union (Lisburn Road)
  • The Great Hall
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