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  • Consider avoiding/restricting exposure to smells such as cooking or chemical odours which may increase ‘morning sickness’.
  • Consider need for frequent visits to toilets.
  • Make sure there is sufficient space to move around the desk. Review the computer workstation assessment and ensure good lumbar support to minimise back pain.
  • Avoid/restrict exposure to very high or very low temperatures.
  • Consider issues relating to comfort and dexterity as the mother increases in size, e.g. work in restricted or confined areas, and the continued suitability and effectiveness of personal protective equipment.
  • Where travelling to and from work can be flexible, consideration should be given to pregnant mothers to avoid rush-hour traffic or allowing the mother to work from home, if appropriate, for a limited period of time.
  • Suitable facilities for nursing mothers, such as expressing/storing milk, may be arranged by contacting the Occupational Health Service.