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Individual Responsibility

Ensuring the Health and Safety of staff and students is an integral part of all activities within the University and all staff and students have a personal responsibility to help ensure that high standards of health and safety are achieved and maintained.


As the University's governing body the Senate retains the primary responsibility for ensuring health and safety at work of staff, students and visitors.  Members of Senate are individually and collectively responsible for establishing and approving management arrangements for health and safety.  Senate will also ensure that those to whom they delegate authority have identified, put in place and applied appropriate measures to manage the risks to staff, students and to others arising from the undertakings of the University.

President and Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor is directly accountable to Senate and has ultimate executive responsibility for the health and safety at work of staff, students and visitors.  He will establish a formal structure of delegated management responsibility and accountablility, and health and safety will be included in the six monthly review of senior managers.  The Vice-Chancellor will provide an annual report to Senate which will include a Development Plan for improvement.

"Director of Safety"

The Registrar and Chief Operating Officer has been designated by the Vice-Chancellor as the Director with executive responsibility for Health and Safety (Director of Safety) and is directly accountable to him.  He is specifically responsible for advising the Vice-Chancellor on all aspects of health and safety and for the implementation and monitoring of the Health and Safety Policy within the University with specific, direct access to the Vice-Chancellor on health and safety matters.  The Registrar and Chief Operating Officer will also be responsible for the health and safety management within the unitary academic support directorates.


Deans will review the arrangements for management of health and safety in each School, with each Head of School ensuring that each has in place appropriate management arrangements and a health and safety plan at School level.  They will ensure that Schools report annually on health and safety performance within the School.

Heads of School, Directors of Academic Support Directorates

Health and safety management within a School/Support Directorate is the responsibility of the Head of School/Director.  It is the responsibility of the Head of School/Director to ensure that the health and safety management system within the School/Directorate adequately addresses the hazards within the School/Directorate and meets the needs of all staff, students and visitors.  This should include the implementation and monitoring of a safety policy tailored to the needs of the School or Directorate.  This Policy should be published and mechanisms put in place to ensure that all staff and students are aware of their own responsibilities.  Within academic Schools, the tailored Safety Policy shoul be formally approved by the School Board who should also receive an Annual Report and Development Plan which will be prepared by the Head of School.  It is a fundamental requirement that all managers undergo appropriate training in the safety related aspects of their duties.

Employees and Students

All employees and students are required by the University:-

  • to take reasonable care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their own acts or omissions;
  • to familiarise themselves with any relevant Health and Safety Policies/Procedures;
  • to co-operate with the University and its officers to enable the University to comply with its statutory obligations;
  • to use equipment, machinery, plant and substances in accordance with the instructions and training that they have received;
  • to inform their manager or supervising member of staff of any dangers or shortcomings in the health and safety arrangements, even if there is no risk of immediate danger;
  • not to intentionally and recklessly misuse or interfere with anything provided in the interest of health, safety and welfare.

The University must take such care as is reasonable in the circumstances to ensure the health and safety of members of the public and visitors to the University.  In order to meet these responsibilities, the University must take such steps as is reasonable to:-

Members of the Public and Visitors

  • provide safe access/egress;
  • control work processes such that visitors are safeguarded against hazards presented to them by the University's activities;
  • control hazardous areas by means of excluding or restricting access;
  • ensure risk assessments are conducted for all major events (including those managed by outside bodies).