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The University Safety Service offers advice on all aspects of health and safety at work and 
provides a wide range of safety services.
The general safety services offered and the principal points of contact are:-

General Enquiries
- Elizabeth Moore
Funding for Safety Improvements and Specialist Enquiries (equipment and projects) - Robin Butler
Safety Inspections - Lindsey Smith, Julie McConkey, Colin Richardson
Safety Training - Lindsey Smith, Julie McConkey, Colin Richardson
Safety Information (videos, booklets, leaflets) - Colin Richardson, Elizabeth Moore
Accident/Dangerous Ocurrence Investigation - Julie McConkey, Colin Richardson
Risk Assessment:  
General - Lindsey Smith, Julie McConkey, Colin Richardson
COSHH - Lindsey Smith
Display Screen Equipment - Colin Richardson, Julie McConkey
Ergonomics - Colin Richardson, Julie McConkey
Manual Handling - Julie McConkey
Prescription Safety Spectacles - Elizabeth Moore, Colin Richardson
Spectacles for DSE Work - Elizabeth Moore, Colin Richardson
Hazardous Waste Disposal - Lindsey Smith  (radiochemical, chemical), David Norwood (clinical)
Radiation protection and Radiation Dosimetry Lindsey Smith
Occupational Hygiene (vapours, dusts, noise, vibration and ventilation) Lindsey Smith, Colin Richardson
Biological Safety and Genetic Modification - David Norwood
Laser Safety and Non-Ionising Radiation - Lindsey Smith
Safety Signs / Notices - Colin Richardson, Elizabeth Moore 

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