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19/04/10 - Disruption of Air Travel Due to Volcano Dust
A number of Queen's staff and students travelling overseas on University business have been stranded there due to flights cancellations. The University's primary concern is to ensure that staff, students, and anyone else travelling on University business, remain safe and reasonably comfortable.  This may mean that anyone currently abroad will need to incur additional expenditure on accommodation and/or on alternative means of travel. 

The University's Travel Insurance policy includes cover for curtailment and cancellation costs.  It may not be possible to recover all additional expenditure incurred from the insurers.  However, in order that claims can be considered, travellers should ensure that:
   -   they obtain documentary evidence of any cancellation that affects them,
   -   they take steps to recover whatever costs they are entitled to from airlines, etc.
   -   they obtain receipts for any additional expenditure incurred.

Forthcoming trips: If your forthcoming trip is cancelled you should attempt to get any refund possible, even if this is just the airport taxes. The insurance policy will cover the costs of rearranging the trip.

The claim form is available at Travel - Cancellation/Curtailment.


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10/07/2009: Swine Flu - Travel Insurance
There are very limited circumstances in which a travel insurance claim can be made if the reasons for not travelling are related to swine flu.  The University's travel insurers have informed that, unless the Foreign & Commonwealth Office explicitly advises against travel to a specific country, a decision not to travel there because of the outbreak of swine flu, is deemed a 'disinclination to travel', and not insured within the University‚Äôs policy. This is a common approach across most, if not all, travel insurance policies.

University updates on swine flu, including guidance for staff and students and sources of information, are provided by other sections of the University, and can be accessed by clicking here.

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