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  In advance of the move to the Self Service version of Qfis this list is currently being updated, and some of the links will be inactive. Please e-mail for further assistance if necessary.

 Listed here are some of the most common questions posed by Qfis users. Hopefully you will find an answer to your problem here, if not feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone or use our feedback form to report a problem.

Access Problems

Enquiry Problems

  • How do I use the online Commitment enquiries ?
  • I used to receive a printed copy of our Project's monthly transactions, but this has been withdrawn. How do I get my monthly transactions online?
  • I need a subanalysis code to help with Departmental Accounts. How do I get one?
  • I run an enquiry but get a message "Can't access j:agrprod......." What's wrong?
  • I can run an enquiry but it doesn't include some Projects I think I should have access to.
  • My enquiry has brought back details of some transactions which I don't recognise. How do I find out more information about these?
  • The results of my enquiry extend beyond the edge of the screen and I have to scroll back and forth to read it, and I don't need some of the columns. How can I improve this?
  • I put in my criteria (Project, Period, etc.) and run a query, but I get no results back. Why?
  • I logged on this morning and I can see a new enquiry, but I can't run it. Where has this come from and why can't I run it?
  • I did a search on a particular Order Number but got no results. I know that it was a valid Order Number for our Department - what am I doing wrong?
  • Can I change the order in which columns appear?
  • When I query on transactions between two dates the system doesn't seem to accept it.
  • What do different "Budcodes" mean?

Hints and Tips

  • I have been asked to compile the figures for overtime / additions in our department for the past 4 months. Is there and easy way to extract this information?
  • I'm looking for a payment made to a particular individual. I don't have an invoice number nor a transaction number, where do I start?
  • Can I open more than one enquiry at a time?
  • I don't like the term "Resno" on my enquiry, can I change it to "Staff Number" as this is the term used in our department?