Claims Procedures

University Staff and Students are responsible for taking all possible precautionary measures to reduce the potential of a loss or injury.  However, in case of a claim, please adhere to the following procedures:

  • All accidents or losses which might give rise to a claim under the University's Insurance Policies must be reported immediately to the University's Insurance Section.
  • If in any doubt as to whether the University's Insurance Policies extend to cover loss, or whether a claim should be made, please contact the University's Insurance Section for advice.
  • Every claim form must be fully completed, signed and dated.
  • Whenever possible, include on the claim form, details of repair or replacement costs and forward a written estimate and/or account to substantiate the sum claimed as soon as this become available.
  • Where a loss arises as a result of theft, it is essential that the Police are notified immediately.
  • Any serious injury to an employee should be reported immediately to the University Safety Service.
  • Do not discuss or admit liability.  Any correspondence should be passed to the Insurance Section as soon as possible, unanswered beyond a simple acknowledgement of receipt.

Claim Forms

Please use links below to download the relevant claim form.  If the form you need is not listed please contact the Insurance Section.

Travel - Medical Expenses
Travel - Personal Property
Travel - Cancellation/Curtailment
Motor Claim Form

Property Claim Form

Once the form has been completed please return by email or by post to Insurance Section, Finance Directorate, Level 3, Administration Building.