Motor Insurance

The University's Motor Insurance covers staff and students when driving QUB owned or hired vehicles on University business.

Motor Insurance Certificate

Policy Cover
Comprehensive and Third Party, Fire & Theft.


Procedures for Driving Authorisation
The University holds a fully comprehensive motor insurance policy which covers all its vehicles. Under this policy anyone with the University's authorisation may drive its vehicles on University business. 

All staff and students who drive, or plan to drive, a University owned vehicle, or hire a vehicle for use on University business, are required to complete the Authorised Driver Registration Form and return it to the Insurance Section.  A copy of all parts of driving licence should be included with the form for verification.  

Authorised Driver Registration forms are required to be completed annually to ensure that relevant facts, as requested on the form, can be identified and referred to the University’s motor insurers if necessary. In addition, to fully comply with the University’s Motor Insurance policy, the Insurance Section must be notified of, as they arise, all motoring convictions or pending prosecutions for any motoring offence, and any medical condition (including diabetes, epilepsy, physical infirmity or heart condition) which might affect the ability to drive.

For more general information regarding driving for the University please refer to the Vehicle and Driver Handbook provided by the Estates Department.

Vehicle Hire
The University motor insurance policy also covers staff and students driving hired vehicles on University business.

When hiring a vehicle on behalf of the University please notify the Insurance Section by completing and returning the Vehicle Hire Form once the vehicle information becomes available. With the introduction of the Motor Insurance Database, we are now required to inform insurers immediately of acquisitions and disposals of motor vehicles, and any vehicles on temporary hire or loan for a period of more than 14 days.  If hiring a minibus, please refer to the 'Driving Minibuses' section below. 

For car hire within the UK, to ensure that the hire vehicle is covered, it is vital that users read the guidance and conditions laid out on this page.  Failure to do so may mean that the vehicle is not insured.

Users should also ensure that a visual check of the vehicle is undertaken both before and after the rental and that, before accepting the vehicle, if any damage exists, this is recorded, by the car hire provider, in the associated paperwork.

Use of Personal Vehicle
If a personal vehicle is used for the purposes of University business the driver must notify their own insurer of this and confirm to the University that their policy is extended to include business use.  The University's motor insurance will not apply in this instance.

Driving Minibuses
The following requirements must be met when driving minibuses for the University within the UK:

i.       Driving in the UK (including Northern Ireland)

  • Individuals who gained their (car) driving licence prior to 1st January 1997 will have a D1 category (which enables the individual to drive a minibus) attached to it.  This entitles the individual to drive a minibus on behalf of the University in the UK.
  • Individuals who gained their driving (car) licence after 1st January 1997 and DO NOT have this D1 category on their licence, can drive a minibus provided:

    - he/she is 21 or over
    - has at least 2 years of driving experience
    - the minibus has a maximum of 17 seats including the driver’s seat and
    - is not being used for hire or reward.
  • Individuals who fall into the above category can ONLY drive minibuses within the UK (N.B Journeys to the Republic of Ireland or the rest of EU are not covered).

ii.      Driving in the rest of the EU (including Republic of Ireland)

  • Should an individual need to drive a minibus outside the UK (e.g. on a journey to Dublin), a full D1 category is required.

Further information on legal requirements for driving minibuses can be found on the DVLNI webpage

If in any doubt as to your eligibility, please contact the Insurance Section.

Motor Accidents/Claims
In the event of a motoring accident the insurer must be informed immediately or they will reserve a right to refuse the claim.  Staff and students are therefore advised to, initially, contact Insurance Section as soon as practically possible following the accident, by phone (028 9097 1484) or email.  A relevant claim form will also need to be completed and returned to the Insurance Section. Please note that the relevant School/Department will be responsible for covering the excess as above.