Student Work Placements

The University's Employers Liability and Public & Product Liability policies automatically extend to provide indemnity to the University for any work experience placements undertaken either within its Schools and Departments or elsewhere in the UK and abroad.

Work Experience Students / Visiting Academics : Completion of Indemnity Forms

Employers' liability cover automatically extends to students and visiting academics on work experience to Queen's.

The University is sometimes required to sign Indemnity Forms provided by the origin institution of students and visiting academics.  By signing these forms, the University confirms it holds the relevant liability insurance cover for the arranged work placement / visit.  All such forms should be forwarded to the Insurance Section for review and signature.  Please be advised that the Insurance Section can review and sign only Indemnity Forms.  All other documentation supplied by the sending institution regarding work placements / visit arrangements (e.g. health and safety procedures) should be dealt with by appropriate Departments.

The University's Occupational Health and Safety website provides useful advice about all aspects of work placement provision for young people, including Higher Education regulations and other relevant information.

Student Work Placements within the UK and Abroad
The University's Public Liability cover provides indemnity to all its students who wish to take part in official work placements elsewhere in the UK as well as abroad.

Please refer to the Student Placements Insurance Guidance Notes in advance of any student work placement arrangements to ensure that all necessary insurances are in place.  Schools and Departments must also use Queen's Student Placement Indemnity Form and the Employer's Insurance Confirmation Form to seek confirmation of these insurances from potential employers.

Please contact the Insurance Section for any further clarification.