Pensions+ is a salary sacrifice scheme which was introduced by the University in April 2008 for USS and RBP members.  It allows employees to make savings in relation to national insurance contributions.

Under Pensions+, employees agree to give up (or sacrifice) an amount of their contractual gross pay equal to the amount of their pension contribution.  In return, the University pays the employee pension contribution, in addition to their own employer contribution, to the pension scheme.  The result for the employee is that national insurance contributions are calculated on a reduced gross pay, whilst their pension is unaffected.

Employees will be automatically joined to Pensions+ when they are enrolled in a pension scheme. 

If you do not want to remain in Pensions+ please contact the Pensions Office on 028 9097 3023 or email

Further information on Pensions+ is available in the Benefits+ brochure.


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