About the Retirement Benefits Plan

Employees in grades 1 to 5 are entitled to membership of the Retirement Benefits Plan (RBP).  The RBP is a defined benefit pension scheme which was established in 1958 for all support staff at the University.

The Trustees of the scheme are responsible for ensuring benefits are paid out in accordance with the trust deed and rules, and that it is properly run for the benefit of its members. The scheme’s assets are held in an account that is separate from those of the University.

For more information on the RBP take a look at the FAQs, or download the RBP Scheme Booklet. If you need more specific information please refer to the contact list.

Information provided on the website is intended to give you an overview of the RBP. For legal purposes the scheme is governed by a trust deed and rules, and in cases of doubt the deed and rules will always prevail.