Scheme Benefits Summary



Employee contribution rate


Employer contribution rate



Queen's University staff, employed in Grade 1 - Grade 5


1/80 x pensionable salary each year 


Tax free lump sum
3 x annual pension

On retirement you will have the option to take a larger tax free lump sum and a lower pension.

Normal retirement age

  • Accrued in respect of service prior to 1 August 2002 normal payment date – 60th birthday
  • Accrued in respect of service on or after 1 August 2002: normal payment date – 65th birthday

Both tranches of benefit will be paid at the same time.  Each tranche will be adjusted by reference to the period between the relevant normal payment date and the date the benefit actually comes into payment.

Final pensionable salary

Benefits accruing prior to 31 July 2006 are based on Final Pensionable Salary which is your highest year basic salary (including contractual overtime) out of the last five years as an active member of RBP.

Ill health retirement

Total incapacity

Partial incapacity

Must have over two years’ pensionable service, paid at the discretion of the trustees.
Two levels of benefit: are available:

Accrued benefits enhanced by up to 62/3 years

Accrued benefits paid early with no actuarial reduction but without enhancement.

Early retirement

Must be over age 55 and have completed five years’ pensionable service.

An early retirement factor will be applied if you retire from the service of the University before your normal pension date.

Death in service

Lump sum of 3 x annual salary


Spouse’s/civil partners pension based on 4/7 ths of member’s prospective pension at age 65 based on current pensionable salary.


Child’s pensions based on 3/7 ths of member’s prospective pension at age 65 based on current pensionable salary.

Pension increases

Paid from age 55, calculated on excess pension above GMP and based on annual increase in retail prices index (RPI)

Additional voluntary contributions (AVCs)

Increase the value of your benefits by making additional payments. Contact the Pensions Office for further details.

Leaving service

If under two years’ pensionable service – refund of contributions, deferred benefits, or transfer value

If over two years’ pensionable service – deferred benefit or transfer value