Exempt Supplies

Group 1 – Land

Group 2 – Insurance

Insurance is exempt from VAT, but subject to Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), currently 5%.

Group 3 - Postal services

Only postal services provided by the Post Office are exempt. All other suppliers of postal and courier services are standard rated. 

Group 4 - Betting, gaming and lotteries

Group 5 – Finance

Including bank charges, card fees, etc.

Group 6 – Education

Education and training provided by the University is exempt. Further, the supply of any goods/services which are 'closely related' to the supply of education is exempt, provided they are for the direct use of students. Closely related goods/services would include, but not limited to, accomodation, catering, course materials and field trips.

Conference and course fees are exempt if they have an educational content and are run by the University.

Group 7 - Health and welfare

Group 8 - Burial and cremation  

Group 9 - Subscriptions to trade unions, professional and other interest bodies

Group 10 - Sport, sports competitions and physical education

The charge for entering competitions, and for membership fees are exempt from VAT. The charge for a non-member is however standard rated.

Group 11 - Works of art, etc

Group 12 - Fund-raising events by charities and other qualifying bodies

Group 13 - Cultural services, etc

Group 14 - Supplies of goods where input tax cannot be recovered

Group 15 - Investment gold