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People and Culture COVID Guidance



Returning to Campus Our Vice-Chancellor’s Message

“Our approach will be a student-focused one. Staff in roles whose work, due to students being back on campus, can no longer be done from home, should return to campus following appropriate conversations with their Line Manager. For other staff, whose work is not directly related to our returning students and who can work from home – they should continue to do so”. Professor Ian Greer, Vice-Chancellor and President.

Access the Vice-Chancellor’s Returning to Campus full message here.


    The P&C COVID FAQs cover a range of topics including: self-isolation, return to campus, remote working and accessibility, dependants, absence reporting etc. Staff are asked to regularly review the P&C COVID FAQs which are being updated on an ongoing basis with the latest information.

  • Supporting Our Return to Campus Manager Guide

    The Supporting Our Return to Campus Manager Guide is designed to support managers who are transitioning staff back on campus as lock down measures ease. The Return to Campus Checklist is a key resource which will assist managers to frame return to campus conversations with staff alongside the Planning a Return to Campus Flowchart which sets out various scenarios for return to campus depending on individual circumstances.

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Considerations for Managers

    The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Considerations around Staff Returning to Campus guidance has been developed setting out specific considerations that managers should be aware of when planning for a Return to Campus.

  • Staff and Student Campus Community Pledge

    It is important that we all play our part in protecting our campus community and limiting the spread of the virus in Northern Ireland by behaving appropriately and with consideration at all times. To help protect everyone, all staff and students are asked commit to our Campus Community Pledge.

  • Staff Health and Wellbeing Guidance for All Staff

    This is a challenging time for all staff and it is now more important than ever for all colleagues to take care of their mental, as well as physical, health. Visit the COVID Staff Wellbeing page and access the COVID Staff Health and Wellbeing Guide, for support and guidance.

  • Remote Working Support for Staff and Managers

    There are many resources, internal and external, offering tips, guidance and tools to staff, leaders and managers while working remotely. A selection of these resources is available on the Remote Working page.

  • Personal Development Review for All Staff

    Annual PDR meetings should normally take place between June and September and, given the pandemic, discussions about priorities and workload may already be underway. All staff are encouraged to formalise or extend these discussions through the PDR process where possible. It can be agreed between the Reviewer and the Reviewee that the formal meeting takes place outside the normal June to September period where this is helpful. Read more on the Annual Personal Development Review (PDR) meeting here.

  • Academic Progression

    The University recognises that future academic progression decisions will take into account the work set for this year and will allow managers to consider the impact of the pandemic particularly on those with caring responsibilities, as well as acknowledging any special efforts that staff have made to address challenges that have specifically arisen as a result of the crisis.

  • Workload Allocation Guidance for Academic Staff

    Workload Allocation Guidance has been developed and includes principles which should underpin our approach to workload allocation. The guidance takes into account the impact of COVID on workload allocation and recognises the pressures that staff might face at this time. Heads of School should consider these pressures and what mitigations might be put in place, identifying team members might face particular challenges and need additional support and flexibility, including support to postpone particular work streams without any detriment.

  • Recruitment Guidance for Managers

    Where a recruitment need arises, hiring managers should discuss the necessary approval mechanisms with a member of the HR Business Partnering team in the first instance before proceeding. Managers may be required to submit a business case for approval at Faculty/Professional Services level.

  • Connect Task Portal

    It is recognised that, depending on the nature of their work, some staff may have skills, knowledge and capacity within their work hours to contribute further by undertaking new or additional tasks. The portal therefore enables staff and their managers to view the portal identifying tasks which the member of staff can complete, giving opportunities to contribute in supporting other areas of the University. Access the staff and manager Connect Task Portal guidance here.

  • External Volunteering and Secondment Opportunities

    The University is actively engaged in supporting the national and regional response to the COVID crisis. There are already a number of employees who are involved in activities that directly support the fight against coronavirus, including supporting patient care and carrying out COVID related research. It is recognised that for the foreseeable future, there will be others who wish to get involved. Support will be given to staff who wish to volunteer in their local communities and health services, and also those staff who wish to take up secondments, with organisations who are supporting research and testing efforts. Access the staff and manager External Volunteering and Secondment Opportunities guidance here.

  • Learning and Development for All Staff

    L&D for all staff is now available through online delivery to ensure that staff can continue with their personal development at this time. In addition, to Queen's LinkedIn Learning offer, new online workshops are available as part of the Learning for All programme and resources have been collated to support staff and managers while working remotely. Further information can be found on the Learning and Development webpages.