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Equality Scheme Consultation


The University is seeking your views on its new 5 year Equality Scheme.

Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 (“the Act”) requires public authorities like Queen's, in carrying out their functions, to have due regard to the need to promote equality of opportunity and regard to the desirability of promoting good relations across a range of categories outlined in the Act.

The University evidences this through the effective implementation of its institutional Equality Scheme, which typically covers a period of 5 years.

Our Equality Scheme is now due for renewal.

As part of the process behind developing a new Equality Scheme and Action Plan, we are obliged to consult with key stakeholders, both internal and external.

What we would like you to do

  1. Read our Draft Equality Scheme 2018-2023; AND
  2. If you work at Queen's University or represent one of the Trade Union organisations, please complete this short questionnaire by 5pm on Friday 17 November 2017.
  3. If you are an External Consultee, please complete THIS short questionnaire by 5pm on Friday 17 November 2017

What we will then do

  1. We will review and consider your feedback;
  2. We will consider amendments to our Equality Scheme; AND
  3. We will develop an Equality Scheme Action Plan.

Once we have developed our final Equality Scheme and Equality Scheme Action Plan,  it will be submitted to Senate for approval.

Subject to Senate's approval, it will be formally submitted to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

This will allow the University to start implementing and delivering against the Action Plan in 2018.

Alternative arrangements for consultation

Please contact us directly if you would like to arrange an alternative arrangement for consultation. We will give consideration to the most appropriate approach which could be (but is not limited to): 

  1. A telephone or skype call
  2. A face to face meeting with you as an individual or as a representative of your directorate/organisation
  3. An information and consultation session for you, your staff and/or colleagues (usually 1 hour long).

Please email by Friday 17 November and we will do our best to accomodate your request.

We will give particular consideration as to how best to communicate with young people, children, those with disabilities and minority ethnic communities so please let us know if you have any specific requirements in this regard.

Alternative formats

We will strive to ensure that all relevant information can be made available to consultees in appropriate formats.

Information in alternative formats can be made available upon request. We will strive to provide this in a timely manner (i.e. usually within one month of the request being received, unless the timescales of third party providers dictate otherwise e.g. translation providers).  

Formats may include but are not limited to: Easy Read, Braille, large print, audio formats (CD, mp3, DAISY) and in minority languages to meet the needs of those not fluent in English.

Consultees requiring alternative formats will have adequate time to respond.

External Consultees

A list of External Consultees is included in Appendix 3 of the Draft Equality Scheme 2018-2023.
The University welcomes enquiries from any individual or organisation wishing to be added to, or removed from the list of consultees.  

Contact details

If you have any questions or comments on this scheme or you require a copy of the key findings from our Audit of Inequalites/ documents in alternative formats/languages please contact the Diversity & Inclusion Unit:


Telephone: 028 90973039

Fax: 028 90974944

Twitter: @QUBEqualDiverse







1 September 2017

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