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External diversity events in Belfast in 2018


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The table below lists some diversity events happening in Belfast over the next few months, some of which are delivered as part of Belfast City Council’s DiverseCity programme. 

Any members of staff interested in attending any of these events should contact Fiona O’Connell at the University's Diversity and Inclusion Unit by email:

This page will be regularly updated so please bookmark it and check it from time from time.

Updates will also posted via our Twitter account: @QUBEqualDiverse 





Visit to Belfast Hebrew Congregation (Belfast Synagogue)

49 Somerton Road.

27 September 2018

10.30 am

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the Jewish community in Belfast as well as the Jewish faith itself.If you would like to join please reply via email

NIHRC and NICRAS Taste the World event

23 June 2018


The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, in partnership with the Northern Ireland Community of Refugee and Asylum Seekers, invites you to attend the ‘Taste the World’ event on Saturday 23 June, as part of Refugee Week 2018. This free event lets you sample the food from countries around the world.It will take place in Lorag, Shaftesbury Community and Recreation Centre. It will run from 7pm to 9pm. So please feel free to come on down and help us celebrate Refugee Week 2018!If you have any queries related to dietary requirements please email: or call: 02890 246699

Language Centre, Chinese Culture Talk Series, Queen's University

18 June 2018

13.00 to 14.30

The Language Centre at Queen’s will give a talk on the ‘Dragon Boat Festival’ celebrations on Monday 18th June in The Auditorium, The McClay Library.


The session is open to all. Anyone interested in broadening their knowledge of Chinese culture is welcome to attend this interactive talk with both linguistic elements and cultural perspectives.


For further details and online booking, please click the Eventbrite link

Three Faiths Forum NI Launch- Belfast City Hall

20 April 2018


The Three Faiths forum is a gathering of Jews, Christians and Muslims. We come together to understand each other's faith, to develop positive relationships and celebrate diversity. To explore common ground, creating space for respectful dialogue in Belfast, Northern Ireland and globally. RSVP

Chinese Cultural Talk Series- Auditorium, McClay library

22 March 2018

13:00 – 13:50 

Following the success of Chinese New Year, the Language Centre at Queen's is hosting a lecture that will be delivered by Dr Emma Reisz, lecturer from School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics, on the title of "Sir Robert Hart of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs: Serving Two Masters"


For further information and details of registration, see 

The Church of Ireland Annual Theological Lecture at Queen's 2018-Isdell Courtyard, Riddell Hall.

20 March 2018 18:00

The annual Church of Ireland Theological Lecture at Queen’s University, sponsored by the Board of Education, will be given by Julian Rivers, Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Bristol. In this lecture, Professor Rivers considers examples of new legal tensions between religion and equality. When are we right to insist on the requirements of equality even in the face of deeply-held moral or social convictions to the contrary? When can the claims of religion justify a departure from principles of equality? If equality has, in some sense, become a fundamental constitutional requirement, what does this ‘equality’ mean and require of us? And if there is a balance to be struck, is the law helping us to get that balance right?’

Register for this free event at Eventbrite.

Celebration of Chinese New Year and visit to Chinese Cultural and Resource Centre

21 February 2018 10am - 12.30pm

This event will enable participants to celebrate the history and culture of one of Belfast’s oldest minority ethnic communities.  Hosted in the Chinese community and resource centre, the event will provide an insight into the history and background of the Chinese Community as well as understanding the significance of Chinese New Year.

Irish cultural and linguistic experience

14 March 2018 10am - 12 noon

This Gaeltacht Experience provides the opportunity for participants to experience Irish culture, music and and language in the Gaeltacht Quarter of Belfast.

Refugee and Arabic Cultural Information Session

27 March 2018 9.45am - 3.30pm

This awareness session will cover an introduction to asylum and refugee issues in the UK and NI in particular. It will provide a general awareness of Islamic and Arab culture and factual information about how the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme works.  It will allow participants the opportunity to hear directly from Refugees and Asylum Seekers living in Belfast. 

Tour of City Cemetery

26 April 2018  

This tour, facilitated by Tom Hartley, will introduce participants to the history of Belfast going back 130 years.  In the City Cemetery, the inscriptions tell the story of finance, empire, the rise of northern unionism and the golden era of industrialisation in Belfast.  One of the enduring qualities of the tour is its capacity to remind us today that the political and cultural identity of late 19th Century Belfast was much more complex and layered.  The tour upends old stereotypes and provides a fresh approach to the history of Belfast. 

Mural and Peace Wall Tour

17 May 2018 10am - 12 noon

This event will take participants on a facilitated walking tour of some of the murals and peace walls in Belfast.  It will provide an insight into the history behind the murals and walls, enabling an understanding of Belfast’s troubled past. 

An introduction to sexual orientation and gender

23 May 2018 10am - 1pm

This workshop will enable participants to understand sexual orientation and gender issues and will provide an understanding of the ways prejudice and discrimination can be directed towards people of differing sexual orientations. It will also provide tips for improving service delivery and support for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender people.

Facilitated tour of Windsor Park Football Stadium

7 June 2018 10am - 12 noon

This facilitated visit will enable participants to visit the new Education and Heritage Centre, it will provide an insight into the history behind Northern Irish football, as well as providing a tour of the stadium. Hear also the story behind how the grounds have been transformed and the work undertaken to promote Windsor Park as a shared space.

Visit to Belfast Islamic Centre

21 June 2018 11am - 2pm

This visit will enable participants to explore the history of the Muslim community in Northern Ireland and to learn about aspects of Islam. An opportunity to observe prayer will be included in the visit.

Living Library

17 September 2018 Choose a time between 10am - 2pm

The Living Library allows you to borrow a human book for a 20 minute conversation.  All the human books come from a wide range of backgrounds.  It is a fun event which allows you to have a one-to-one conversation with someone you might never have had the opportunity to speak to.  Further information on this event will be uploaded shortly. 

Clifton Street Orange Hall 27 September 2018 10am - 12 noon This visit will provide participants with the opportunity to have a guided tour of the 130 year building as well as providing an insight into the history and traditions of the Orange Order and an exploration of artefacts that add to the story of the Institution.

Visit to Belfast Jewish Synagogue

11 October 2018 10.30am - 12.30pm

This visit and workshop will enable participants to understand aspects relating to the history, heritage and cultural practice of the Jewish community, as well as providing an opportunity to participate in a tour of the Synagogue.

Discover Ulster-Scots, History and Cultural Experience 7 November 2018 10am - 12 noon This facilitated visit will provide participants with the opportunity to visit the Discover Ulster-Scots Centre and explore the rich history, heritage and cultural traditions of the Ulster-Scots.  Participants will also have the chance to learn about the Ulster-Scots language and enjoy some traditional Ulster-Scots music.
Indian Community Centre 21 November 2018 10am - 12.30pm This event, hosted in the historical Indian Community Centre, will provide participants with the opportunity to hear about the history, culture and diversity of the Indian Community living in Belfast.  Participants will also have an opportunity to view the Hindu temple and hear about the contribution the community have made to life in Belfast.
Traveller Awareness Workshop 4 December 2018 10am - 12 noon  This workshop will provide information about Travellers in Northern Ireland. It will enable participants to understand aspects relating to Traveller culture, language and way of life. 

"Looking Beyond the Plate"-Belfast Festival of Learning- ArtsEkta, Glendinning House, 6 Murray Street. 

6 March 2018 11am-2pm

Food and art are great vehicles for sharing culture with people from different backgrounds and in the changing fabric of Belfast, cultural understanding is important. Through the medium of storytelling, arts and food, we will create a place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others, better understand different cultures, and eat well.

Booking is essential.

Contact Nabeela Yasin-Iannelli, Tel: 028 9023 1381


Visit My Mosque Day, 7 Rugby Road, Belfast.

18 February 2018


Islamic Cultural Awareness session with Q&A- 3.00-4.00pm

Visit My Mosque day is a regional initiative to encourage dialogue between communities/individuals and the Muslim Community. The open day will provide an opportunity for an informal visit with guided tour as well as an Islamic cultural awareness session with Q&A. The event will take place at the NI Muslim Family Association, 7 Rugby Road, Belfast. Free refreshments are provided and no prior booking is necessary.


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