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Upcoming Cultural Events in Belfast


This information may be useful to those who wish to learn more about the diverse culture and traditions of some of the communities in Belfast.

Belfast City Council is running a fantastic series of free events as part of its DiverseCity programme.






Irish cultural and linguistic experience

21 September 2017

10am - 12 noon

This Gaeltacht Experience provides the opportunity for participants to experience an authentic sample of traditional Irish culture as served in Belfast’s urban Gaeltacht Quarter. At this event participants will experience the history, music, food and language of the rich heritage in the Gaeltacht Quarter. 

Clifton Street Orange Hall

28 September 2017

10am - 12 noon

This visit will provide participants with the opportunity to have a guided tour of the 130 year building as well as providing an insight into the history and traditions of the Orange Order and an exploration of artefacts that add to the story of the Institution.

Facilitated tour of Windsor Park Football Stadium

12 October 2017

9.30am - 12.30pm

This facilitated visit will enable participants to visit the new Education and Heritage Centre, it will provide an insight into the history behind Northern Irish football, as well as providing a tour of the stadium. Hear also the story behind how the grounds have been transformed and the work undertaken to promote Windsor Park as a shared space. 

Living Library

25 October 2017

10am - 2pm

The Living Library allows you to borrow a human book for a 20 minute conversation.  All the human books come from a wide range of backgrounds.  It is a fun event which allows you to have a one-to-one conversation with someone you might never have had the opportunity to speak to.

Refugee and Arabic cultural information session

7 November 2017

9.30am - 3.30pm

This event will cover an introduction to asylum and refugee issues with factual information about how the Syrian Relocation Scheme works. It will also provide a general awareness of Islamic and Arab culture. Participants will hear directly from Refugees and Asylum Seekers living in Belfast.  

Discover Ulster-Scots, history and cultural experience

16 November 2017

10am - 12 noon

This facilitated visit will provide participants with the opportunity to visit the Discover Ulster-Scots Centre and explore the rich history, heritage and cultural traditions of the Ulster-Scots.  Participants will also have the chance to learn about the Ulster-Scots language and enjoy some traditional Ulster-Scots music. 

Visit to Belfast Islamic Centre

30 November 2017

11am - 2pm

This visit will enable participants to explore the history of the Muslim community in Northern Ireland and to learn about aspects of Islam. An opportunity to observe prayer will be included in the visit.

Traveller Awareness Workshop

4 December 2017

10am - 12 noon

This workshop will provide information about Travellers in Northern Ireland. It will enable participants to understand aspects relating to Traveller culture, language and way of life. 

An introduction to sexual orientation and gender

18 January 2018

10am - 1pm

This workshop will enable participants to understand sexual orientation and gender issues and will provide an understanding of the ways prejudice and discrimination can be directed towards people of differing sexual orientations. It will also provide tips for improving service delivery and support for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender people.

Visit to Belfast Jewish Synagogue

25 January 2018

10.30am - 12.30pm

This visit and workshop will enable participants to understand aspects relating to the history, heritage and cultural practice of the Jewish community, as well as providing an opportunity to participate in a tour of the Synagogue. 


If members of staff are interested in attending any of these events, contact Fiona O’Connell directly at the Diversity and Inclusion Unit at


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