Article 55 Review

On this page, you will find information on our Article 55 Review.

This is a review of the composition of our workforce and of our employment practices. All registered employers must conduct a review at least once every three years.

The purpose of an Article 55 Review is:

  • to determine whether members of the Protestant and Roman Catholic communities are enjoying, and are likely to continue to enjoy, fair participation in employment; 
  • to take affirmative action if fair participation is not being secured by members of the Protestant and Catholic communities; 
  • to set goals and timetables as part of affirmative action; and
  • to take account of the guidance in the Fair Employment Code of Practice

Article 55 Executive Summary 2016-2017


Under Article 55 of the Fair Employment and Treatment Order (NI) 1998, (for more information click here) the University is required to review its employment composition and practices and determine whether or not it is affording fair participation in employment to members of the Protestant and Roman Catholic communities.

This determination is based on a comparison between the community background of the University’s workforce and a range of appropriate comparators from the Northern Ireland 2011 Census as published by NISRA (Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency) in terms of the expected Protestant and Roman Catholic profile for each category of job role (Standard Occupational Classifications 1-9, for more information click here).

The University conducted its review in October 2016 and the key findings are summarised below.

Key Findings

  •  The University’s workforce remains broadly reflective of the Northern Ireland community in terms of community background according to the Northern Ireland 2011 Census and the economically active age population aged 16-74.
  •  There are very slightly lower numbers of Protestant men in SOC1, SOC3, SOC4, and SOC6 than expected when compared to the relevant census data.
  •  There were 24 complaints reported during this 5 year review period compared to 21 cases reported in the previous Article 55 Review (which was a 3 year review period).  None of the cases in this review resulted in findings against the University.
  •  The Review illustrates that a community imbalance does not exist in (i) the outcome of the Academic Promotions Exercise; (ii) the outcome of internal recruitment exercises; and (iii) staff leaving the University.

Affirmative Action

Following the review, a wide range of affirmative action measures have been identified by the University and have been agreed with the Equality Commission.

These are reflected in the University’s Article 55 Affirmative Action Plan.