Green Impact Scheme

Green_Impact_Scheme_240W_151HQueen's is committed to improving its environmental performance and is working towards achieving a 21% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020.  The Human Resources Directorate is therefore committed to reducing its carbon footprint as much as possible.   The Directorate was awarded a Gold Award for its efforts through the Green Impact Scheme in 2014 and we aim to maintain these standards.

We have developed systems to eliminate the requirement for large volumes of paper which helps contribute to our sustainability issues, eg we actively encourage all our job applications to come through our paperless online process.


  • Food: Food waste should be placed in the bin in the kitchen.
  • Paper: Paper waste should be placed in the bins throughout the Department.
  • Plastic Bottles and Cans: Plastic bottle and can bins are in the kitchen, bottle tops are collected and distributed to Charity.
  • Cardboard and Glass: Should be placed in the main photocopy area for collection.
  • Books: Bring books in for recycling!
  • Batteries: A used battery collection bin is available on Level 2 of the Administration Building

Reduce Waste

  • Email instead of print!  If you need to print, then make sure it’s double sided and only use colour when essential.
  • Use tap water for meetings rather than bottled water.
  • Bring your own coffee to a meeting rather than use disposable cups.
  • Ordering catering? - ask caterers to ensure that, as far as possible, they are using locally produced, seasonal food.



  • Heating or ventilations issues should be reported to Human Resources Reception.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather, sometimes Monday’s can be cold in the office.
  • Switch off lights, printers, chargers etc if you are last to leave a room.
  • Switch off your pc if you are going to a meeting.