Committee Process


Step 1
Faculty Promotions Committees consider applications from their Faculty. Heads of School will attend and be asked to comment on each application from their School to assist the Committee in coming to a recommendation.  
Step 2
Central Promotions Committee reviews all recommendations, makes final decisions on promotions and writes to applicants to advise them of the outcome. The Chairs of the Faculty Promotions Committees will present their assessments to the Central Committee. 
Step 3
Central Promotions Review Committee considers each application for review and will advise applicants of the outcome.

Key points to note

Promotions Committees

The Promotions Committees will have available, through Queen’s Online:

a)         The applicant’s Academic Curriculum Vitae and Applicant Statement;

b)         Heads of Schools’ report for each applicant;

c)         Minutes of the meeting of the School Committee;

d)         Faculty Committees recommendation/Central Promotions decision (where appropriate);

e)         In the case of applications for Professorship and Readership, four references will be provided to the Faculty Committee. The Central and Review Committees may
            request that the additional two references are called.

Faculty Promotions Committee

Composition of Faculty Promotions Committees:

  • Chair: Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor;
  • Faculty Deans of Research and Education;
  • 1 Dean of Research or Education from outside the Faculty;
  • Heads of School from Faculty (normally to include a minimum 50% of the Heads of School on a rotating basis).

Committees will only consider information in relation to applicants’ performance up until the closing date. Heads of School will be present at the Faculty Committee when the Committee makes its recommendations. They can participate in the discussion but will not take part in the decision-making itself even if they are a member of the Committee. If a Head of School is an applicant the relevant Faculty PVC will comment on the case.

Central Promotions Committee

Composition of Central Promotions Committee:

  • Vice Chancellor
  • Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
  • Faculty PVCs
  • Lay Senators
  • PVC (Research, Enterprise and Postgraduate Affairs)
  • PVC (Education and Students)

The role of the Central Promotions Committee is to moderate between the Faculty Promotions Committees to ensure a consistent standard has been applied. The Chairs of the Faculty Promotions Committees will present their assessments, explaining how their decisions were made and highlighting any case where a different decision was made by the Faculty Committee from that recommended by the School or where specific issues have caused difficulty.  Final decisions will be taken in the light of evidence provided in internal and external reports. At this stage it may exercise its power to encourage an unsuccessful applicant to apply in the next promotion exercise.

Where the Central Promotions Committee determines that an applicant best meets a different grade profile it reserves the right to offer promotion to a grade different from that for which application was originally made.

Those whose applications are unsuccessful will be given an indication in writing of the main areas in which they do not meet the required academic profile and or exceed their School’s academic standards, as detailed in section 2, Criteria and Eligibility for Promotion. The Faculty PVC and the Head of School will provide verbal feedback to each applicant, followed up with written feedback from the Head of School.

Central Promotions Review Committee

Composition of Central Promotions Review Committee:

  • Pro-Vice Chancellor for Internationalisation and Engagement;
  • Member of Professoriate;
  • 1 Lay Senator (not previously involved);
  • Director of Human Resources.

The Central Promotions Review Committee will be comprised of individuals not previously involved in the process.

The Central Promotions Review Committee will consider each case and will advise applicants of the outcome and its decision is final.

There should be female representation on all Promotions Committees.