Criteria and eligibility for Promotion

Criteria and Eligibility for Promotion


Criteria 1

Therefore applicants must show clearly and unambiguously how they:

  1. Exceed the School’s academic standards for their current grade, or where under performance in one area can be compensated for through exceptionality in another.  (School’s academic standards are available from the Head of School); and
  2. Meet the essential criteria (shown in bold in each Profile) for the Academic Profile for which they are applying.

 Evidence of meeting the non-essential criteria will strengthen the case. 

Academic standards are being revised in relation to their definition and application. The types of evidence listed in the profiles are exemplars of activities in which applicants may be involved.  They are not a checklist nor are they exhaustive; applicants may present other types of evidence to show how they meet the criteria.

Anyone considering applying for Promotion should ensure they receive clear advice and support from their Head of School on which areas, if any, they need to demonstrate greater levels of competence in. A written record should be made by the Head of School and followed up through normal University processes such as appraisal.

It is also essential that applicants provide information in relation to teaching evaluations to demonstrate the quality of their teaching and an example of this can be found in the Academic CV User Guide (Teaching Duties section).  Other supporting evidence can include reports of external examiners, peer assessment and module review as appropriate.  Please note that failure to provide full TEQ scores will result in the application not being considered.

Unfortunately, we can only consider work relation to applicants’ performance up to the closing date. Work not yet in the public domain may however be considered, if full details of publications are provided along with evidence from the publisher of acceptance of the final manuscript and date of publication. This information must be available at the closing date of the Scheme.


Criteria 2 

It would normally be expected that a period of at least three years would be appropriate for staff who pass probation or have been promoted to further strengthen their academic profile before applying for promotion to a higher grade.

When deciding whether to submit an application for promotion applicants should be mindful that an unsuccessful outcome will normally prevent a further application being made the following year, unless explicitly recommended to do so by the Central Promotions Committee.

Academic staff within the recognised University Colleges may apply to be considered for promotion through the University Academic Promotions Scheme.  They will be required to complete the relevant documentation which will be assessed against the University profiles.

Applications for promotion shall be rendered void where an individual resigns from the University during the promotions exercise.