Acting Up/Honoraria

Acting Up arrangements and Honorarium payments are used when employees are asked to undertake additional duties. These arrangements are normally made when a manager requires temporary cover for example, for sickness absence, maternity leave, career break, completion of temporary projects or temporary cover of a vacancy.

This is a valuable development opportunity for employees which may lead to enhanced career opportunities. It is therefore important that equity and fairness is applied by managers when selecting staff for these additional duties.

Acting Up is when an employee carries out work duties at a higher grade and a payment is made to bridge the gap between the employee’s current salary and the Acting Up grade.

An Honorarium payment is made when the duties performed are outside the scope of the employee's own position and/or for undertaking duties which are particularly onerous. The payment is a one off payment which is calculated on a fixed percentage basis in relation to the extent to which the duties and responsibilities have been undertaken and the time taken to complete the duties.

The Acting Up / Honorarium Guidance Notes outline the principles for selection, the approval process and payment conditions for these arrangements.

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