Grading Structures

The following payscales apply within Queen's:

9 Grade Structure

The grading structure applies to all staff within the University with the exception of those listed below. Progression within each pay range depends on an individual's length of service in the grade and in part on an assessment of their contribution. Staff have a normal expectation of annual progression up to the contribution threshold for their grade, subject exceptionally to established procedures for dealing with performance issues.

The minimum salary for a Lecturer and Lecturer (Education) is point 33. The normal expectation is that a Lecturer or Lecturer (Education) will advance to grade Ac3 and that this should occur on successful completion of probation which would normally take no more than three years.

A Lecturer and Lecturer (Education) have the expectation to progress from Ac3 to Ac4 subject to fulfilling the requirements set out in the University's Academic Promotions Procedure.

The normal expectation for a researcher starting in grade Ac1 is to advance to grade Ac2 after a period of 3 years provided that they are working at the required level of that grade and have acquired their PhD. Appropriate training will be given, and appropriate costing will be incorporated in any funding application. Any post requiring a PhD is, as a minimum, graded at Ac2.