Grading of Posts

Posts within the 9 Grade Pay Structure

All posts within the University 9 Grade Pay Structure were graded as part of the Framework Agreement in 2005. It was agreed any new or substantially changed posts in the future will be graded using the Job Matching Process and that the following procedures will apply:

New Posts

Most ‘new’ posts within the University are replacement posts or can be benchmarked against an already existing post. In this instance formal grading is unnecessary. When a new post is created, that has never existed within the University, a Job Summary Form, together with a New Post Grading Form must be completed and forwarded to Human Resources, General Reception.  Your designated HR Business Partner will provide guidance and assistance in completing this documentation. It is important that you refer to the University Grade Profiles when drawing up new job summaries to ensure the level of responsibility, qualifications and experience are commensurate with proposed grading for the post.

A Substantial Change

Posts will only be reviewed if there has been a substantial change in duties and responsibilities identified and agreed by the Head of School/Director. It is not normally expected that this will happen within a period of 3 years from the date of the previous evaluation. A Substantial Change Review Form together with a revised Job Summary Form must be completed and forwarded to the Human Resources General Reception. If a member of staff is dissatisfied with the outcome of the Review, they may appeal the decision using the Appeals Process.

Please note the Job Matching Process can only be used to measure the relative  “size” of a post within the University. It will only focus on the job content and not the capabilities/characteristics of the postholder, or his/her level of performance.  A separate Staff Recognition Scheme (STAR) exists within the University to recognise individual or team performance contribution.  If a member of staff is temporarily undertaking duties of a higher level then the acting-up policy should be used.


All Other Posts

As part of the Framework Agreement all Academic posts, excluding Professors, have been graded using generic job summaries.  Any subsequent grade movement will be dependent on individual performance and contribution and therefore any requests will be dealt with through the annual Academic Promotions Exercise.  This process will also be used for designated posts within ECIT.  Similarly, a Special Panel will be convened to consider individual performance and contribution for Senior Managers at Grade 10A and 10B.