Review of Existing Posts (Substantial Change)

Grades 1 to 9 posts will only be considered for review if it is clearly established that there has been a substantial change to the duties and responsibilities and not the personal characteristics of the post holder i.e. the key dimensions of the post have changed considerably such as responsibilities relating to planning and organising, decision making, responsibility for resources, acquired knowledge, increased complexity of role and changed accountability. Requests for review should not be made in instances where the driver is solely based on a change of process or technology or increase in volume.

Key tasks

  • The substantial change in post is identified by the manager and discussed with the HR Business Partner.
  • Support and agreement must be obtained from the Head of School or Director before a review can take place. A review should only be requested when the Head of School or Director is satisfied that significant changes have occurred
  • The manager in conjunction with the post holder completes and submits a Substantial Change Review Form, a revised Job Summary Form and organisational chart to the Human Resources, General Reception.

A Special Panel will be convened to consider cases for Senior Manager Posts at Grade 10A and 10B.

Associated Documentation