Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Do all staff have to complete appraisal?

All full-time and part-time staff, permanent and temporary staff with a University contract of employment are covered and the process should be conducted in a consistent way.  Staff on probation are not included.

Do appraisers have to receive training prior to completing appraisal?

Yes, training for appraisers is mandatory.

Do appraisees have to attend a training course?

No, appraisees do not have to attend a training course.  Detailed guidance notes are available on the website.  Further information and clarification can be attained from the Reward and Employee Relations Unit.

Is it necessary for appraisers to complete refresher training?

Appraisers are expected to renew their training every 5 years if the appraiser has not been continuously acting in this role.

Who should my appraiser be?

Appraisers should normally have line management responsibility for the person being appraised, although this is not always possible.  The choice of appraisers and the basis for their selection should be explained by line management.

Who is responsible for ensuring that appraisals are carried out?

The Head of each School and Director of each Academic support function is responsible for identifying appraisers for each member of staff and, for ensuring the completion of the process within his/her School of Directorate.

How often should appraisal take place?

Although the appraisal meeting takes place annually, it is recommended that there should be at least one follow-up meeting half way through the year which may be initiated by either the appraiser or the appraisee.

How are my training and development needs met?

After individual appraisals have been completed, personal development plans will be reviewed at School and Directorate level so that training and development needs may be prioritised and addressed centrally or locally if possible.

Where is appraisal documentation held?

Appraisal documents are held in each respective School/Directorate.