Appealing an Outcome of Appraisal

  • Appealing an Outcome of Appraisal

 Appealing an Outcome of Appraisal

The object of all appraisal discussions is to achieve agreement between the appraiser and appraisee and the appraisal meeting should emphasise this principle throughout.  However, if agreement cannot be reached on what should be recorded, the appraiser and appraisee should seek the help of the countersigning officer who will arbitrate between them.  If the appraisee still feels unable to sign off the appraisal after this stage, he/she may seek to appeal the outcome provided there is a procedural or substantive reason for doing so.


1. The Countersigning Officer records his/her views.
2. The The Reward Team establishes an appeal panel comprising:

  • A PVC, Director or Head of School (Chair)
  • A senior manager from the School or Directorate (with no previous direct involvement)
  • A HR Business Partner will support the appeal.

3. The panel will review all the documents, hear representations from the appraisee, the appraiser and, the countersigning officer and will reach
    and record a decision. The outcome of such an appeal is final.

4. The appraisee may choose to have a member from his/her union or a colleague accompany him/her to such hearings.