Advice for Appraisee

  • Advice for Appraisee

 Advice for Appraisee

There are important responsibilities on the part of the appraisee to maximise the  positive impact of appraisal. Staff appraisal is a simple process of REFLECTION and PLANNING. Some of this takes place before the meeting, some during, some immediately afterwards and then some throughout the year.

Preparing for Appraisal: Appraisee

1. During the year keep your objectives/activities up to date through regular discussions with your appraiser, and review regularly the evidence
    you will present during appraisal.

2. Consider what you want to discuss in your appraisal and make notes.

3. Consider areas in which you hope to receive feedback.

You may find it helpful to consider these questions during preparation

  • How have things changed in my role?
  • What have I achieved/contributed to School/Directorate standards, objectives and targets?
  • Have I met the Queen’s Professional Standards which define how I should behave?
  • What prevented me from achieving what I wanted to?
  • Which aspects of my role give most satisfaction?
  • What does my past performance tell me about my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What then are my development needs?
  • Do I have skills which are being under-used at present?
  • In thinking ahead, what are my career interests?
  • Are there ways in which things could be better?

4. Consult the guidance on standards, objectives and key tasks and think about your own objectives and tasks/activities for the year ahead.

When completing your appraisal report you should take into account:

  •       Resources
  •       Information
  •       Management structure
  •       Organisation
  •       Structure
  •       Systems/Procedures
  •       Development