NotificationEmployees are required to notify their Line Manager / Supervisor of their sickness absence in a timely manner. Only in exceptional circumstances should a message be left with another member of staff. 

Key tasks

First Day of Sickness

  • On first day of sickness the employee calls and notifies their Line Manager / Supervisor of their absence advising reason for illness and indicating the expected duration of the absence
  • The Line Manager / Supervisor completes section one of the Sickness Absence Form (SAF) and notifies the nominated Monitoring Officer
  • The Monitoring Officer records the sickness record on the online absence recording system

On-going absence

  • Employees must keep regular contact with their Line Manager / Supervisor during the absence. They must make contact on the fourth working day of absence to advise of any likely return to work date.
  • For absences in excess of 7 consecutive days employees must provide a Statement of Fitness for Work from their medical practitioner