If you are a Manager in the University

  • If you are a Manager in the University

Recruitment and Selection

I have been asked to sit on an Appointments Panel, am I eligible?

All members of Appointments Panels must have received training in recruitment and selection.  Approximately ten training courses on recruitment and selection are provided over the year. Further information on Selection and Interviewing training and dates for courses can be obtained from the Learning and Development webpages (previously STDU)

Do I have to complete a new job summary when advertising a new post?

Not necessarily, Human Resources holds a bank of Job Summaries for all grades and categories of staff across the University.  Click here to view sample job summaries.

Performance and Conduct

I wish to recognise an individual's performance/contribution. How do I do this?

Heads of School and Directors can nominate staff for an annual Performance Award for either individual or team performance/contribution – Performance Award

Is there a disciplinary procedure?

The Code of Conduct describes in general terms the standards expected of University staff and provides examples of conduct that fall below these standards and how such conduct should be addressed under the disciplinary procedures. See Disciplinary Procedure (for Staff Grades 1-5) and Disciplinary Regulations (for Staff Grades 6/Ac1 and above).  If you require any further assistance, please contact the HR Business Partner responsible for your area.

Holidays and Leave

I have a member of staff who is absent due to sickness. What action should I take?

The member of staff who is absent due to sickness will contact you on the first day of his/her absence. You should complete Part 1 of the Sickness Absence Form (SAF) of the staff member’s absence details and forward to the monitoring officer for entry to the online system as an open ended absence. If a short term absence (less than 20 days), you will meet with the member of staff on his/her return to work. Part 2 of the Sickness Absence Form (SAF) is to be completed and signed by both you and the member of staff and forwarded along with any medical certificates to the monitoring officer for entry to the online system. If the absence is long term (certified sick leave for more than 4 weeks continuously) then you may contact the member of staff to ascertain his/her progress in order to determine whether there is any practical assistance which can be given. This should be done in the context of genuine welfare assistance and there should not be any sense of intrusion into private matters or pressure concerning the employee’s return to work. If the sickness lasts, or is expected to last, for 6 weeks or more, it may be necessary to arrange a medical examination through referral to the Occupational Health Physician

Grading and Job Evaluation

How do I get a new post graded?

For replacement posts or new posts that can be benchmarked against similar existing posts, formal grading is unnecessary.  Where a new post, that has never existed before is created within the University, advice and guidance must be sought from the appropriate HR Business Partner before any action is taken.  Further information on the grading of new posts is under the Career Development section on the Human Resources website.

Where can I get a copy of the Grade Profiles?

The Grade Profiles are listed under the Career Development section on the Human Resources website. Click here to view the Grade Profiles.