If you are an Existing Member of Staff in the University

  • If you are an Existing Member of Staff in the University

Holidays and Leave

How many days leave can I carry forward from one leave year to the next?

Ideally all annual leave should be taken during each leave year which runs from 1 January to 31 December.  However, in exceptional circumstances, up to 5 daysannual leave may be carried over to the following leave year, with line management approval, provided there is mutual agreement that such leave will be taken in the following leave year.  Normally before the end of March.

I wish to reduce my working hours, who do I contact about flexible working?

A member of staff who wishes to work flexibly should discuss the matter with his/her line manager in the first instance.  You can also contact the relevant HR Business Partner for your area if you have a query or need advice/guidance relating to flexible working.  You can also contact the Diversity and Inclusion Unit, e-mail: eqdiv@qub.ac.uk.

Where can I obtain information on Work Life Balance Policies?

All Work Life Balance Policies are available on the Diversity and Inclusion Unit website.  Alternatively you can contact the Diversity and Inclustion Unit, ext 5139 or 3039 or, e-mail: eqdiv@qub.ac.uk

Performance and Conduct

What can I do if I have a grievance?

In the first instance issues should be raised initially with your Manager.  Where problems cannot be resolved informally the University has procedures to allow staff to raise matters formally see Grievance Procedure (for Staff Grades 1-5) and Grievance Regulations (for Staff Grades 6/Ac1 and above).  If you require any further assistance, please contact the HR Business Partner responsible for your area.

Do I have to complete an appraisal?

All full-time and part-time staff both permanent and temporary are required to take part in the appraisal scheme.  Staff on probation are not included.  Click here for forms and guidance notes.

Leaving Employment

What is the correct procedure if I want to resign?

Notice of termination of employment for Academic/Research and Academic Related staff is three months and for other staff is dependent on the length of continuous service.  Click here for further information on the resignation process.

Grading and Job Evaluation

If my role has changed and my grade does not reflect the job I do what should I do?

If you feel there is a case to be made with regards to re-grading and it is supported and agreed by senior management, the University currently operates a Substantial Change Review process whereby posts can be reviewed if there has been a substantial change in duties and responsibilities identified.  Further information on the substantial change review process is under the Career Development section on the Human Resources website.


How do I update my personal details or other contact information?

Any changes to address, title, marital status or next of kin details should be brought to the attention of Human Resources in order that necessary details can be kept up to date.  Any changes can be submitted to Human Resources via e-mail through the employment details section on Queens on Line http://www.qol.qub.ac.uk/.  Alternatively you can contact Human Resources email: hr@qub.ac.uk