Information - Miscellaneous Guidance - Chemical Safety Series

  • Information - Miscellaneous Guidance - Chemical Safety Series


Contents of Chemical Safety Series:

CS1:         Industrial use of flammable gas detectors
CS3:         Storage and use of Sodium Chlorate and other similar strong oxidants
CS4:         The keeping of LPG in cylinders and similar containers (revised 1986)
CS8:         Small scale storage and display of LPG at retail premises
CS9:         Bulk storage and use of liquid Carbon Dioxide : Hazards and procedures
CS10:       Fumigation using Phosphine (revised 1991)
CS11:       The storage and use of LPG at metered estates
CS12:       Fumigation using Methyl Bromide (Bromomethane) (revised 1991)
CS15:       The cleaning and gas freeing of tanks containing flammable residues
CS16:       Chlorine Vaporisers
CS18:       Storage and handling of Ammonium Nitrate
CS21:       The storage and handling of organic peroxides
CS22:       Fumigation

NB - Revised/redundant CS Series

CS2:         The storage of highly flammable liquids
CS5:         The storage of LPG at fixed installations
CS17:       Storage of packaged dangerous substances
CS19:       Storage of approved pesticides : Guidance for farmers and other 
                   professional users
CS20:       Sulphuric acid used in agriculture