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  • Information - Miscellaneous Guidance - HSE Leaflets

Health and Safety Executive Leaflets

INDG3L:              First Aid needs in your workplace - Your Questions Answered
INDG4P:              First Aid at Work (for use in First Aid boxes)
INDG36L:            Working with VDUs
INDG76L:            Safe Systems of Work
INDG85L:            BSE and carcass disposal
INDG86L:            Contained use of genetically modified organisms
INDG90L:            If the task fits : ergonomics at work (revised)
INDG91L:            Drug abuse at work
INDG91(Rev2):   Drug Misuse at Work – a guide for employers
INDG95L:            Respiratory sensitizers and COSHH - Breath Freely (revised)
INDG98L:            Chemical Manufacturing : Permits-to-work
INDG99L:            Noise at work - advise for employees
INDG102L:          Electrical safety for entertainers
INDG106L:          Policy statement on health and safety training
INDG109L:          Lighten the load : Guidance for employers on musculoskeletal disorders
INDG110L:          Lighten the load : Guidance for employees on musculoskeletal disorders
INDG114L:          Chemical manufacturing: Personal protective equipment
INDG117L:          Policy statement on standards
INDG118L:          Policy statement on publication of reports on incidents
INDG123L:         101 tips for a safer business
INDG126L:          Hand-arm vibration - employees
INDG126(Rev1): Health Risks from Hand-Arm Vibration - Advice for employees and the
INDG136L:          COSHH. The new brief guide for employers (revised)
INDG133L:          Selecting a health and safety consultancy
INDG139L:          Electric storage batteries - safe charging and use
INDG132L:          Five steps to successful Health and Safety Management
INDG141(Rev1): Reporting incidents of exposure to pesticides and veterinary medicines
INDG147L:          Keep your top on - Health risks from working in the sun
INDG148L:          Reversing Vehicles
INDG161L:          Emergency action for burns
INDG164L:          Maintaining portable electrical equipment in Hotels and Tourist Accommodation
                              (revised see INDG237L)
INDG163L:          5 Steps to Risk Assessment
INDG168L:          Management of metalworking fluids - A guide to good practice for minimising
                              risks to health
INDG170L:          Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare - A short guide for managers
INDG171L:          Upper Limb Disorders : Assessing the risks
INDG172L:          Breathe Freely : a workers information card on respiratory sensitisers
INDG173L:          Officewise
INDG175L:          Hand-arm vibration - Advice for employers
INDG175(Rev1): Health Risks from Hand-Arm Vibration – Advice for employers
INDG178L:          Written schemes for examination Pressure Systems and Transportable Gas
                              Containers Regulations 1989
INDG181L:          The complete idiots guide to CHIP2
INDG182L:          Why do I need a Safety Data Sheet?
INDG184L:          Signpost to the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996
INDG186L:          Read the Label - How to find out if chemicals are dangerous
INDG187L:          Asbestos Dust - The hidden killer! Are you at risk?
INDG188P:         Asbestos Alert, for building maintenance, repair and refurbishment workers
INDG199L:          Managing vehicle safety at the workplace - Leaflet for employers

Health and Safety Executive (INDG200 - onwards)

INDG201L:          Hear this
INDG207L:          Wear your dosemeter
INDG213L:          5 steps to information, instruction and training
INDG215L:          First Aid - Basic advice on first aid at work
INDG217L:          Health and Safety in broadcasting and the performing arts - Facts for freelances
INDG218L:          Common provisions in Health and Safety Law
INDG223L:          Managing Asbestos in Workplace Buildings
INDG225L:          Preventing slips, trips and falls at work
INDG226L:          Homeworking - Guidance for employers and employees on Health and Safety
INDG227L:          Safe working with flammable substances
INDG229L:          Using work equipment safely
INDG227L:          Safe working with flammable substances
INDG230L:          Storing and Handling Ammonium Nitrate
INDG234(Rev):   Are you involved in the carriage of dangerous goods by Road and Rail?
INDG235L:          A guide to information, instruction and training
INDG236L:          Maintaining portable electrical equipment in offices and other low risk
INDG237L:          Maintaining portable electrical equipment in hotels and tourist accomodation
INDG238:            Gas Appliances. Get them checked. Keep them safe. (revision 1)
INDG235L:          A Guide to Information, Instruction and Training
INDG240L:          Don’t Mix It ! A guide for employers on alcohol at work
INDG241L:          No Second Chances. A farm machinery safety step-by-step guide
INDG242L:          In the Driving Seat
INDG263:            Keep the Noise Down
INDG264:            Selecting Respiratory Protective Equipment for work with Asbestos
INDG270:            Supplying New Machinery
INDG271:            Buying New Machinery
INDG272:            Health risks management – A guide to working with solvents
INDG279:            Fatal Traction
INDG281:            Help on work-related stress. A short guide
INDG282:            Safety at power-operated paper cutting guillotines
INDG285:            Landlords. A guide to landlord’s duties: Gas Safety (Installation and Use)
                              Regulations 1998
INDG286:            Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions
INDG287:            Year 2000 Risk Assessment
INDG290:            Simple Guide to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998
INDG291:            Simple Guide to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
INDG293:            Welfare at work. Guidance for employers on welfare provisions
INDG297:            Safety in Gas Welding cutting and similar processes
INDG298:            Ear protection. Employers' duties explained
INDG304:            Understanding health surveillance at work. An introduction for employers
INDG307:            Hydrofluoric acid poisoning - recommendations on first-aid
INDG308:            The safe use of gas cylinders
INDG313:            Safe unloading of steel stock
INDG314:            Hotwork on small tanks and drums
INDG315:            Stone Dust and You – Guidance for stonemasons
INDG317:            Chainsaws at work
INDG318:            Manual Handling solutions in woodworking (2 copies)
INDG320:            Latex and You (2 copies)
INDG327:            Take care with acetylene (2 copies)
INDG330:            Selecting protective gloves foe work with chemicals – Guidance for employers
                              and health & safety specialists
INDG338:            Power Tools: How to reduce vibration health risks – Guide foe employers
INDG342:            Blood-borne viruses in the workplace – Guidance for employers and employees
INDG343:            Directors responsibilities for health & safety