Information - Miscellaneous Guidance - Medical Series

  • Information - Miscellaneous Guidance - Medical Series


Contents of Medical Series:

MS4:         Organic dust surveys
MS6:         Chest X-rays in dust diseases
MS7:         Colour vision (revised 1987)
MS9:         Byssinosis
MS12:       Mercury - medical surveillance
MS13:       Asbestos (revised 1988)
MS17:       Biological monitoring of workers exposed to Organo-phosphorous pesticides 
                  (revised 1987)
MS21:       Precautions for the safe handling of cytotoxic drugs
MS23:       Health aspects of job placement and rehabilitation - advice to employers
MS24:       Health surveillance of occupational skin disease
MS25:       Medical aspects of occupational asthma
MS26:       A guide to Audiometric testing programmes