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  • Information - Miscellaneous Guidance - Miscellaneous Leaflets


Dept. of Agriculture (NI)             Pesticides : A Guide to the New Controls

Dept. of Economic                    Health and Safety Inspectorate - What you can expect
Development (NI)                       from us

Department of Trade and            A Guide to Organising Firework Displays

Crooks Healthcare                     Dermatitis & Care of the Skin at Work

Genium Publishing  
                   Blood-borne Diseases in the Workplace Pocket Guide

HMSO                                      Fire Safety leaflet

                                                Electrical Safety leads to Fire Safety

HSE                                         Agricultural Safety – Circular saws

                                                Agricultural Safety - Chainsaws

                                                Agricultural Safety – Accidents to children

                                                Agricultural Safety – COSHH in Forestry

                                                First-aid Training and qualifications for the purposes of the

                                                H&S (First Aid) Regulations 1981

                                                Safe Pressure Systems

                                                Hydrofluoric Acid and You

                                                The Health and Safety Executive and You

                                                Everyone’s guide to RIDDOR 95

                                                PCBs and You

                                                Personal Protective Equipment in Construction

                                                Good Health is Good Business – Phase 2

                                                Good Health is Good Business – Phase 3 (2 copies)

                                                Legionnaires Disease – A guide for employers

                                                The control of legionellosis in hot and cold water systems

                                                HSE 8: Take care with oxygen.  Fire and explosion hazards

                                                In the use of oxygen

HSC                                         Guidance to cleaning staff in Educational Establishments

                                                Glutaraldehyde and you

                                                Writing a safety policy statement – Advice for employers

                                                Providing for Occupational Health in the Printing Industry

                                                Printers – are you complying with COSHH?

                                                Genetic Modifications – Risks and Safeguards (Report by the

                                                Advisory Committee on Generic Modification)

                                                Having Construction Work Done?

IMPS                                        A Working Guide to Zoonotic Infections

QUB                                         Cleaning Department Safety Guidelines

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust           Personal Safety at work for you

World Health Organisation          Safety in Health-Care Laboratories