Useful Links



The range of sites featured on this page is not an exhaustive list.  Please contact this office ( ) if you are aware of other health and safety sites which may be of interest or if you experience any difficulties when attempting to access any of these sites.

General Safety

Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland
HSE/Local Authorities Enforcement Liaison Committee
Learning Resources Portal for Higher Education
Health and Safety Executive
HSE Public Register of Convictions

HSE Books
Universities Safety and Health Association
Safety News
Safety Representatives TUC Resources 
EU Harmonization Standards

Biological Safety

National Centre for Infectious Diseases
HSE Biosafety
ACDP Approved List of Biological Agents
WHO Biosafety
University of Pennsylvania Cancer Link

Chemical Safety

Chemical Resistant Gloves Guide
Material Safety Data Sheets (Oxford University)
Material Safety Data Sheets on the Internet
Choice and Use of Chemically Resistant Gloves
CoSHH Essentials
NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Gas Safety

British Compressed Gases Association
Controlled Atmospheres Technology
Chemical Industries Association
European Industrial Gases Association
Liquified Petroleum Gases Association

Gas Safety Information

Laser Safety

Rockwell Laser Industries
Pro Laser Consultants

Radiation Protection

International Radiation Protection Association
Table of the Nuclides
Health Promotion Agency - formerly - National Radiological Protection Board
HSE: Ionising Radiation - Radiation Protection
Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine
International Commission on Radiological Protection
Radman Associates
The Society for Radiological Protection
Association of University Radiation Protection Officers

Environmental Protection

Environment and Heritage Service (NI)