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Staff Training and Development's Feedback Questionnaire

The Staff Training and Development Unit provides a range of services which seek to address the development needs of all staff in the University. This includes part-time course fee exemption and short course/conference costs, alongside the central programme of training events.

The STDU is continually seeking to improve its programme of training and development activities for staff. Therefore, we are seeking your comments, which would be extremely valuable in helping us to produce a programme that meets your needs.

We would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete this form. All responses will be treated in confidence. Please use the submit button at the end of the form to return it to us.


1. During the current academic year have you attended any STDU events?

Yes: go to question 2
No: go to question 3

2. If Yes, approximately how many courses did you attend?

3. If No, were there reasons why you did not attend STDU events?


4. What aspects of Staff Training and Development Unit activities and services do you value the most?


5. What single improvement would you most like to see in Staff Training and Development activities?


6. What topics would you particularly like to see offered in the Staff Training and Development Programme, and how should they be delivered?


7. Any other comments or suggesions?


In order that we can make best use of your comments it would be very useful
if you could indicate your staff group and the University unit in which you work.

8. Please indicate your staff group:



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Secretarial, Clerical & Library Assistants

9. Please indicate your Faculty/School/Department:

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