Effective Researcher Programme Years 1 - 6

Effective Researcher Programme Years 1 - 6

In preparation for the 2018-19 academic year, we are currently reviewing our learning and development provision for staff.  A revised programme of personal development courses and workshops for staff (offered via Human Resources) will be promoted as soon as possible.  However, the following researcher focused activity is currently planned, which will be complimented by the broader learning and development programme when finalised.


Years 1 & 2

Induction for Research Staff

The Effective Researcher

Writing for Publication

Researcher Writing Retreats

Turbocharging your Writing

Nature masterclasses online workshops

Effective Use of Voice

Research Ethics for University Staff

The Collaborative Researcher

Research Grant Writing workshops (Research Development Office)

Information Services (computing) courses


Staff development opportunites are provided by a number of university departments, please see further details at link below: 

Queen's Staff Development Programme


Career Development Workshops (provision of career development workshops is currently under review)

Job Documents that Work

Designing your Career

Transitioning Beyond Academia (Programme)

Developing Effective Non-academic Interview Skills

Developing Effective Academic Interview Skills

Tell your Story

Mastering the Techniques of the Academic Interview

Mastering the Techniques of the Non-academic Interview


Vitae Website

Vitae supports the professional development of researchers across the UK and Europe, providing a wide-range of online resources.

Research Careers

Successful career planning for researchers #vitae hangout - YouTube live stream

Queen's University is a member of Vitae and you can access all the information on the website, however you will need to register on the website


Year 3

Applying Your Research to Policy Agendas

The Engaging Researcher

Writing for Popular Audiences

The Collaborative Researcher

Creating the seven secrets of highly successful research students (for supervisors)

Cognitive behavioural coaching for high performers

Learning and Teaching workshops (Centre for Educational Development)


Click here to visit the Queen's Staff Development Programme and view the full range of activities available to you


Years 4 & 5

Management and Leadership in a Research Role

Learning and Teaching workshops (Centre for Educational Development)

Finance Training

Professional Skills for Research Leaders (available via Queen's Online, in the learning section under 'Other')


Professional Skills for Research Leaders equips academic, early-career researchers and talented doctoral candidates with the skills needed for professional development in a higher education context. The courses provide comprehensive guidance on professional development, from identifying individual development needs through to how best to communicate research results.

Professional Skills for Research Leaders will help early- and mid-career researchers progress from where they are now to where they want to be professionally. As a result, researchers will develop their leadership, management and engagement strategies by identifying a range of opportunities to establish themselves as research leaders.


Year 6

Excellence Programme (Leadership and Management) - (part of the current review of new programmes to be available in 2018-19)