Coaching and Mentoring

What is coaching and how might it benefit me?Red watering can and a green plant

  • Coaching is a form of development, where you have the opportunity to reflect on work based issues and challenges, through a 1:1 conversation with a trained coach.
  • Coaching helps you to widen your perspective in thinking through those challenges, so that you might move forward and take action.  Performance is developed and you are made more resourceful.
  • It enables you to manage workplace issues with increased confidence and find solutions to issues in a constructive manner

Coaching is available to staff via these avenues:

  1. Staff Coaching Service
  2. Executive Coaching for Senior Managers
  3. Coaching Skills Training for Line Managers

Interested in training to be a coach?  Click here to find out about our internal coach training programme – Coaching for Success

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool which helps staff gain a better understanding of their working environment and to progress in their careers.
It is based on a one-to-one supportive relationship, which helps to facilitate a wide range of learning and development. This mentoring relationship is outside of the direct line management relationship.
Mentoring schemes usually match a person with relevant experience (the mentor) to the staff member who can benefit from that experience (the mentee). It is a voluntary scheme which is best described by Hale (2000):

“an experienced individual, outside the reporting relationship, holds regular meetings and discussions and takes a personal interest in guiding and supporting the development of a less experienced person in progressing within and beyond their immediate role”.

STDU offers the following workshop The Effective Mentor

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