Advice & Guidelines on Applying for Courses

Staff wishing to attend a training course and the manager authorising attendance on a course should refer to the guidance for managers and staff before a member of staff registers for a course.

Advice on Registration for Centrally Organised Courses


All centrally organised courses are free to Queen’s staff (except for a non-attendance charge).



It is important for staff to realise that reserving a place on a course and not attending means that someone else has been denied that training opportunity.While situations do occur that mean a registration has to be changed, this should be done as far in advance as possible so that the place may be re-allocated.



Please keep checking in your diary that you will still be able to attend courses for which you have reserved a place.



Non-attendance affects the size of the venue used, on occasions, the cost of a consultant and the catering ordered for the course.



The Staff Training and Development Unit will continue with the practice it introduced a few years ago of charging a non-attendance fee to staff who have registered for a course and, without prior cancellation, fail to attend.



Non-attendance charge


In all cases a charge of £20 will be made for each course for which you are registered but fail to attend without prior cancellation.



Booking is normally via Queens Online – .Alternatively contact the Staff Training and Development Unit directly on 9097 6590 or email: After logging into QOL select training courses from the list on the left of the page.From here use the category option to select ‘Staff Training and Development Unit’.



The following applies when booking for centrally organised courses.



When you register for a course please note the date and time in your diary.An automated confirmation will be e-mailed to you on registration and a reminder e-mailed a few days before the course date.If you do not receive notification from STDU, it is still your responsibility to check with STDU about the course you are registered for and, if necessary, to cancel your registration in order to avoid a £20 cancellation charge if you do not wish to attend.



Please supply all information requested on the registration form.It is essential to give your Staff ID number, an extension number and an email address (if applicable).



Select a reasonable number of courses that you consider you can attend during the year to avoid having to cancel because you registered for too many courses.You do not have to do all your training and development in one year!



If you have registered for a course and find that you cannot attend, please let a member of staff in the Unit know as soon as possible so that your place on the course can be cancelled or offered to another member of staff.



You can contact the Unit on Ext. 6590, by email, or FAX 90 97 6591 to cancel. If you fail to attend a course for which you are registered a charge will be made.