Training Needs and Planning

Recording Personal Development

It is clear that when people take responsibility for their own development and learning they achieve more and are more directed.  To this end we have included a Personal Development Record to help you keep a record of your learning and development activities throughout the year - what you have actually learned from them and indeed what your objectives are for future development.  This is purely a personal record, but you may find it useful when you come to update your curriculum vitae, prepare for your appraisal or discuss training needs, etc. with your line manager.

Organisational Development hopes to be able to support more efficient systems, including Queen's Online, to enable personal development planning and recording for all staff development in the coming years.

Identifying Training Needs

The aim of Organisational Development is to meet, where possible, the learning and development needs of all staff, in line with the aims and objectives of the University.  If you feel that there is a course (or other learning) that is not available in this year's programme, please let us know.  Learning and development needs can be identified in a number of ways.  For example, by completing the Learning and Development Needs Form and returning it to OD, through Appraisal, in consultation with your manager.