Welcome Events

Within the STDU programme there are a number of specific events spaced throughout the year aimed at new staff in different groups.

You may have been in your new job for a time before the next available event but it is considered to be an essential part of your orientation into the University and you are strongly encouraged to attend.  STDU will write and remind you of the next available event.

These central induction courses are only the early stage of the induction process and induction within departments will be ongoing throughout the first six months of employment.

Induction for All New Staff

The aim of this half-day course is to introduce new members of staff to the University, to other staff and to address briefly the main areas of activities that affect all new staff.

Induction for Contract Research Staff

This half-day course introduces issues related to research policies and opportunities at Queen's for contract research staff.  It addresses such items at Queen's Research Strategy, Research funding, the Research Assessment Exercises (RAE) and the Research Careers Initative.

Induction for Clerical and Secretarial Intake Staff

This is a mandatory induction programme for all clerical and secretarial staff in grades 1-4.  This programme runs over four half-day sessions.

Computing Courses

As part of the induction for all staff, the Training and Assessment Unit, Information Services, offers a course on 'Guide to Computing Facilities'.

Health and Safety

On commencement of employment, all staff should receive a basic health and safety induction within their departments covering essential information such as the fire drill, first aid, accident reporting and other emergency arrangments.  In addition to any further health and safety training organised by departments, the Occupational Health and Safety Unit offers various general and specialist health and safety courses throughout the year and new staff, in conjunction with their departments, should select and attend those courses from the programme which are appropriate to their needs.