People and Culture Strategy

People First 
The People and Culture Strategy 2018-2021

The People and Culture Strategy

People First

The University's People and Culture Strategy 2018-2021, People First, has been designed to support the delivery of the strategic priorities set out in the Corporate Plan through our people.

There are three pillars to People First — Employee Experience, Culture and Talent — and the HR Directorate is excited about developing plans in each of these pillars.

The pillars are all connected — providing an attractive experience for our people, and developing them to their full potential in a culture which they enjoy, will allow us to be seen as an attractive destination for world-class talent, especially academics.

The first place to start building commitment is by listening to people, and developing relationships that are built on mutual trust and respect. Employees, who feel listened to and invited to contribute their experience, expertise and ideas, are likely to care more. Employees, who care more, will provide a better experience for our students, which is where our focus should always be.

Brian Parkes
HR Director


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 27 March 2018 All Staff Event
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