Attracting Applicants

A range of methods are used to attract candidates including internal and external methods to generate interest. Online technology is used to manage the application process.

The University operates a Search Procedure which supports the selection process by securing the best list of candidates applying for posts.  This procedure is used regularly for appointment to Academic and some specialised senior posts. Executive Search Consultants may, where appropriate, be engaged to support alternative methods of attracting candidates.

Key tasks led by a HR Business Partner:

Before going to external advertisment Human Resources will seek to identify if there are any redeployment or reserve candidates. Once this has been exhausted Human Resources will place an external advertisement and will respond to candidates enquiries in relation to the recruitment process.

Key tasks led by the Line Manager assisted by a HR Business Partner:

Line Managers need to ensure that the appropriate documentation is available to Human Resources in advance of the advertising deadlines. The following is required: advert details, job summary, employee specification, names of the panel members and dates for shortlisting and interviews, having confirmed the panel's availability.

Another member of staff may be identified as a point of contact for candidates who want to find out more about the role in advance of applying.

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