Duties and Responsibilities during Recruitment Process

Role of Human Resources

The primary role of Human Resources is to ensure that this procedure is properly implemented.  In addition, Human Resources will:

Give advice and guidance on all matters relating to the application of the procedures.

Assist Heads of Schools/Directors and Appointments Panels in the development of appropriate documentation to facilitate the selection process.

Undertake the administration relating to the selection process from the initial placement of the advertisement to the issue of the appointment documentation to the successful applicant. 

Deal with enquiries made by applicants in relation to their non-selection for posts.

The Internal Recruiter is required to ensure that the procedures are properly and consistently applied including the completion of all administrative tasks.  Where the Internal Recruiter considers that there has been a breach of the procedures he/she will recommend remedial action to the Chair.  The Internal Recruiter has the authority to temporarily suspend the process, where there has been a significant breach of procedures, to seek advice from the Head of Resourcing.

Role of the External Assessor

An external assessor may be invited to participate where it is considered necessary to provide expert advice and guidance to panels on the suitability of candidates for such an appointment.  The external assessor is a subject expert from outside the University and when required will be part of the shortlisting and/or a full member of the interview panel.  

Role of the Chair

The Chair is a member of the Appointments Panel and his/her role is to manage the process with the aim of appointing the best candidate on merit.  The Chair will ensure that the University’s recruitment procedures and practices are strictly observed throughout the process and seek a consensus agreement of the panel to the selection of the candidate on merit, whilst ensuring the completion of all associated documentation.  

Role of the Panel Members

Each member of the Panel is individually responsible for ensuring that the Appointments Procedure is followed and must:

  • Ensure that they understand the selection criteria and their relative importance.
  • Ensure that they understand the shortlisting and interview process, including how the criteria will be assessed and measured.
  • Apply the criteria fairly and consistently when shortlisting, at interview, and throughout the selection process.
  • Record on the interview rating form their assessments and decisions in relation to the relevant factors and their importance, including supporting comments.
  • Maintain confidentiality.

Recruitment and Selection Training

The purpose of the Recruitment and Selection process, and the supporting documentation, is to ensure that the University continues its commitment to excellence and recruiting the highest calibre of staff.  Underpinning this is the University’s commitment to make appointments on merit and the promotion of equality and diversity. 

All Panel members must undertake the University’s Selection Interviewing Training course prior to participating in a recruitment exercise.  Details of the course and scheduled dates are available on the Staff Training and Development Website.  An online refresher training session for those who have previously undertaken the one day course is available on QOL (Services, Other, Online Training).