Holiday Entitlement

  • Holiday Entitlement

The annual leave year runs for 12 months from 1 January.  Holiday entitlement is normally 23 days and applies to all staff.  You also benefit from University closure days as well as public holidays.  These holidays are based on standard days (7.4 hours) and where staff have other working arrangements, e.g. shifts which require working longer periods, the equivalent amount of leave will be available.

There may be variations to the above arrangements in particular departments depending on operational requirements e.g. Library, PEC

A member of staff who commences appointment after the start of the leave year, or who leaves before the end of a leave year is entitled to receive the equivalent proportion of the full paid leave entitlement.

Part-Time Working and Job-share

Part-time work is where a member of staff works less than the normal full time number of hours per week for the staff group.  This can be either on a reduced number of day’s basis or a reduced number of hours per day. 

Job-sharing is a form of part-time working where two members of staff share the range of duties of one full-time post.  The salary and benefits are divided between the job sharers according to the time each job share partner works.  Each job sharer holds a part time post. Similar to part time working, job-sharing work patterns can be either on a reduced number of days basis (e.g. 4 full days per week) or a reduced number of hours per day (e.g. mornings only). 

Holiday entitlement for part time and job share staff is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

If your working days are all of the same length, please click here for guidance on calculating a pro-rata amount of holiday entitlement based on days worked

If your working days are of varying lengths the holiday entitlement must be calculated in hours and the following formula should be applied:

no of hours worked per week x 170.2 hours.

For further advice and guidance on the calculation of pro-rata leave please contact Human Resources

During Sickness Absence

Paid holiday leave will be accrued during periods of paid and unpaid sickness absence provided the normal reporting guidelines in accordance with the Sickness Absence procedure are followed.

In normal circumstances a member of staff cannot commence a period of annual leave immediately following, a period of sickness absence.   Any variation from this must be referred to and agreed by the line manager and this must be supported by a letter or medical certificate from a GP certifying that he/she is fit to return to work prior to the commencement of annual leave.

If a member of staff is sick during a period of annual leave, they will be regarded as being on sick leave from the date specified on a medical certificate, signed by a GP.  He/she may take the balance of their leave at a later date, on return to work.

If a member of staff is on long-term sick leave any unused annual leave entitlement plus public holidays and the equivalent of any closure days may be carried into the following leave year with the expectation that such leave will be taken in that year, normally before the end of March.

For further information please refer to the Sickness Absence Procedure or Accrual & Carry Over of Holidays and Other Leave Procedure.

During Maternity Leave

A member of staff accrues contractual annual leave entitlement while on Ordinary and Additional Maternity Leave. (OML and AML).  She is expected, where possible, to take her full annual leave entitlement in a particular leave year.  However, should this not be possible due to maternity leave arrangements or exceptional circumstances, she will be able to carry over up to the full complement of leave (42 days) to the next leave year, the scheduling of which must be taken by agreement with the Head of School/Department/Unit.       

Annual leave may be taken at the end of OML, (where AML is not taken) or at the end of AML, by agreement with the Head of School/ Department/ Unit, details of which should be confirmed in writing on the Maternity Leave Notification Form.

For further information please refer to the Maternity Leave Procedure.

Leaving the University

In the case of retirement, resignation, forthcoming expiry of fixed term contract or other relevant termination, the remaining proportion of annual leave entitlement should be taken during the notice period.  If a line manager asks a member of staff to work his/her notice, and he/she agrees, then payment-in-lieu can be made, but only on termination of the contract.  Annual leave cannot be paid-in-lieu during employment.  

A deduction in the final salary payment will be made for any leave taken in excess of the entitlement. It is the responsibility of a line manager to inform Human Resources, in writing, in this latter instance.

Notice of Annual Leave

Each Head of School Department or Unit will establish procedures for recording annual leave and agreeing the period of notice required by a line manager to authorise annual leave.  However, the needs of the service will be paramount and the agreement of any annual leave is at all times at the discretion of the line manager.

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